the cold night were starting to pinch through the skin, walking with his camera trying to capture the view of the night.
you were running around with your friends, or love one on the beach in the weekend. there is a guy who is smiling looking at your group, from distance, being happy to see you and your playmates having fun.
at the club, the music play, everyone dance, you can’t even remember how many shots you’ve taken, your friends were dancing around you, having fun. well, you will rarely see this blog writer there, but once you do, he will be sitting on the chair, enjoying his drink and his surrounding.
with his camera he would sit somewhere, in the shade, looking at other having fun, while sipping a cup of coffee, or beer when the day gets really hot, capturing what interest him.
which basically enjoying the natures, emotions, and routines which commonly being forgotten. pictures is one of his way to express or show how he admires the natures. although not everytime.
also trying to post one article in a week, mostly in the weekend, which he consider a little difficult, with his rather limited free time due to his work. the fiction which he start september part is a relating stories to each articles, although it can be read partially.

feel free to email ischrysalis(at)gmail(dot)com

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