..on his own..

meanwhile at the chatroom on dalnet: .. [06:24] @rick : alright everyone, work is almost done, and i will be … More


..06:29 pm.. lately the weather haven’t been friendly, at the afternoon the heat goes to 35 degree, staying at home … More

..simple smile..

as usual, every morning, i woke up at 6:30am, followed by making a cup of tea and toasting two slices … More

..just another day..

his both legs getting faster moving forward, while the sun is ready to have the set to show that the … More


..8:18pm.. he was too tired to get up from the bed, he rolled his eyes to the phone, the time … More


a guy on his fifty something, i think his profile looks fine, and he wrote some interesting qoute for his … More


yesterday evening at 7:38pm a friend of mine who used to be my boss, he is from austria, on his … More

..is it just me?..

my sweetheart is not in a good health, last weekend, i had a chat with him, he told me he … More

..this early morning..

..sunday morning.. “..what a beautiful sunday morning..” the birds chirping, the trees glowing, the sky is blue, the sun is … More


..ahh probably this post sound stupid for some people.. it was a friend of mine who lived somewhere in south … More