a guy on his fifty something, i think his profile looks fine, and he wrote some interesting qoute for his headline. i thought it was interesting. from the picture, i think he is the kind of guy who is proud of his body or himself, well that is the impression i got.

just a few minutes later on, all the pictures were deleted, and change to other pictures, or maybe someone else picture, which is clearly no the picture i saw before, different person, just different. thats when my brain said “..ahh those faker..”

i find it very common on social-network site, someone who used someone else picture, for so many reason which i could possibly think of, yet it is still not pleasant. are those kind of guys whom called as a player? or faker?

i don’t like to judge people to be honest and labeling them, but sometime it just can’t be helped. it is a natural human being i think? that we saw, or known, or told, then our brain tried to analyzed, and then we start labeling it with some words, sometime it could be mean, bad or the opposite.

and back to those kind-of-guy-whom-not-using-them-real-picture, maybe they did it for a reason, which can be like a thousands of reason it is. but is that normal (my brain questioned “..what is normal?..” us human have our own definition of being normal)? is that ok?

i also believe, with so many character in the whole world, that’s where we define our self, that’s where we finally finds out who we really are and where we wanted to be, and we should just be grateful with all the differences.

we are just one human being with an own brain and an own point of view, and others are also the same, having their own opinion on things that they saw, or feel, or believed.

so each person is unique, is different, and is special on its own way.

2 replies to “..identity..

  1. Internet is not very different from the real world. In the real world there are fakers, and there are honest people. In internet also. The difference is, that faking in internet is much easier then in the real world. So the fakers can fake more extensively on internet. But I don’t think that, on internet, there are more fakers 🙂
    I agree that we have to be grateful that there are so many differences and different persons. But that doesn’t mean I have to like them all, does it?

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