..un title..

with the shy sun that is about shine, while the birds chirping in the front yard, when everyone still swaying … More


several friends of mine, they got married. and yes, they are gay guys, and yet they got married to a … More

..identity II..

a book called “that undeniable longing”, a book that i’m interested and wanted to read for sometime already, i can’t … More


well.. it feels like the post are so far distance between each other, actually its been several time of writing … More

the colors

broken heart in to pieces, realize that we just missed a diamond in our life without any appreciation when we … More

little thought

for some reason i dont know, my body just doesn’t feel good. as far as i remember when i have … More


its been a while i have some interesting thought in my head, well it comes up from a conversation with … More


usually i use to comment on some chat log, but now is different, i’m not commenting on some words or … More