last night on mirc..

d :  “..i never imagine if i were in those position..” [i was commenting on situation of one new friends i have met just recently on chat]

af : “..partner married with a women..” i made some point out of his problem after he is done telling me about his situation, and yes i would never ever involve with someone that already has a partner, so i became the third? Oh not for me please.. when i have a partner i have to be sure he is all mine. if he want to fool around? be my guest, but u won’t be with me for sure.

af : “ can’t huh?..” not that i can’t, but a matter of fact that i don’t want to, get my point?! i do not want to!! hihi.. maybe if he is not feeling blue last night i will said it to him. but of course he is feeling blue knowing his partner sleeping with his wife?!!

af : “..partner has 2 kids..” what?!! i even shocked more!! if the person is already has a kids, why would you get involved in it anyway? because of love? or because so far he is the guy with the biggest “tools”? or again so far he is the one who is very great in bed? find someone else!! instead of bothering someone who already has a family!! or also instead get your own self in to a problem!!

af : “..partner is an Ex gigolo..” well there you go, i think is because he has so many experience in bed so you fell in love with it. hahahaha.. oooopsss sorry.. is he really going to change? or he just being quite because you were there and also his wife and kids are there? what if the time goes on and he became and fall back in to the same things? huh.. [i think : people don’t change in one or two night, it took them a while, and even so he does change? do you really believe it?]

af : “.. :-p..” what the hell is this sign means for? the ex-gigolo what turns you on?! hahahaha.. well sometime i’m thinking to go down that road, but once i realize how the relationship would go? no thanks, i’m good! plus i don’t see with all the point up there i can hang on to it. i’ll just stop it and be honest with that ex gigolo person. “..sorry i cant be with someone who used to have a lots of sex with stranger and plus doing it for money..”

af : “..partner childish..” hmmm even worse, i always make sure if my future partner has a plan for his own future same as i do on having plan. if no? where can the relationship go? living in the moment? not for me either. and i have such an imagination of, lets working thing together to built up a better future.

af : “..not sleeping together every night..” well this one definitely not for me.. no way!! long distance relationship i find it very hard. i’ve been there before, and not intend to get in to it again. and i need someone for me to hold at night when I get cold.

d :”..hhhmmmmmmm..” i try to find away how to say my last line for him..

d : “..i respect your decision, but not for me thank you..” hahahahaha.. that one comes out right, but seriously!! really?!! with all those problem and still stick to it? hmmmmm

af : “..i know that dear..” well great..

i’m not saying that life is trouble less, but why don’t just we stay away out of trouble? life with out trouble would be flat and have no excitement. but what my friend did is like taking everything in one time. well that would make us grow indeed, but growing up is one a process in our life, everyday we learn new things, everyday we face a new problem, and everyday we have to do our best. and that is growing up.

ah well after all he is the one who has to live with it not me. but still!! i don’t understand why he is so persistant to it???


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