move on

happen on messaging a few weeks ago..

“where are you? v want you to bring them to this city, then next to another one and then shopping” one of my friends send me an message with a bit rude tone i must say. first i’m no one toy and second i don’t like to be order, i do my things because i want to with all the respect.

“in the office, i can’t because i have works to do” i replied shortly, hopes he get the meaning, that i don’t like his way of sending messages.

“said can be anytime” again he replied, a very short and a bit hurting my feeling.

“eh? Said who? if i have work do i have to leave it?” i replied again.

“oh upset”

that is his last message and i don’t bother to reply also.

is he really thinking i should stop my work to bring ‘silent’ around to show bali? or he thinks he already done a lot’s this past view days and think now it’s my turn?

we have to realize what is important for us, like working is paying our bill, for us to hang out with our friend, if we not working we can’t afford to hang out with them. so choose which is it we have to put thing first. if other people can’t see how important how it is? well it’s their problem not ours. like hanging out we can do it after working time also an option.

done a lot’s? did i ask him to do it? or he just has more time than i did? honey i’m just a regular staff working in a company. even i’m a manager in a big company, but my works always comes first. again that’s what pays my bill. will all my respect to you, i would never done sending a rude short message to one of my friends. even how pissed i am with them. i like all my friends and intend to keep it that way, and if possible i want to make more friends. we also have to respect each other decision even we don’t like it.

each person has their own will and their own problem, and it also is their decision which path they want to take. like i put my job on top of everything, because without my job how can i pay my bill? how can i afford to buy things? it’s just my priority honey. understand that.

i find out something that is a lie also from one of my friend, but i kept my mouth shut! because you know why? he is still my friend even he has flaws. each person have his own flaws, and we just have to accept it. even sometime it is difficult for us to swallow it. but move on!! that is his decision.

even is living is about we find a problem, work it out, and move on!! because we can’t live with the past hanging on our shoulder isn’t it?

ah well.. maybe i’m wrong with my way of thinking right now, but in time i will learn. and so is he.

our time will come to realize everything. but again we still have to move on isn’t it?

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