empty months

“..hahahahaha..” i was laughing at a friend problem, which is for me just a simple one and eaily can be solve if he can be a little bit cruel [not too much, some old saying too much is never good].

but i’m not going to talk about his problem, since it’s got nothing to do with the reason why i’m not writing for a while. been a couple month indeed, i don’t know how come my will to write is just gone and fly away from me. but when i look back where i was before, my writing got me problem with one of my best friend and my partner.

let say to shorten the story : my partner can’t take my best friend attitude, and my best friend still young, so he want to know more or doing more, even somehow he don’t know, ending up hurting someone feeling.

my idea of living is about learning some new experience, moving on, and doing our best at our mission of life [sorry if our perception about purpose of being alive is not the same]

i would explain it, but yet my writing mood is not totally back yet, so i just shorten things out.

ah yes.. my Partner and one my best friend, till now the problem is still there. and me being in the middle, sucks really!!

took me a while to figure out on how i have to react, but i found out how.

he as my partner should realize that i will not stop of seeing my friend, because he is one of my best friend, the kind of friendship that i wanted it. it doesn’t mean i don’t love him because i do crazy about him and love him so much. to me it is ok for my partner not to like my friends, because he is not the one who is hanging out and talk to them. like i don’t like his friends as well, but yet i still let him having out with them. i think this is clear enough.

and he as my friend, should also realize that i won’t leave my partner no matter what. i appreciate his existence in my day and life. and i do enjoy when we were hanging out together.

well i guess it is pretty clear where i am now?

on some stage, a hard situation or problem is relevant to each individual. like my friend who i was laughing at his problem, i see’s it in my thinking, in which i am, that’s why i laugh.

perhaps someone else is laughing at my problem at the moment. but lets just have an own respect to those person on however he make his decision. because with respect to each other, that how our relationship or friendship will work.

so pretty much that is the reason why i don’t write anymore..

ps : for my partner and my best friend [incase they read and find out this writing] please don’t make me choose. why can’t you both respect my decision on how i react on problem. thanks a lot for reading this anyway.

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