people do change

august 2004


“..hmmm nice..” that’s the first word when i saw one profile i have open on website i have profile to. so i sent a message to him said..

“hi how are you? i hope everything is ok with you. you got a very nice profile and picture there, hope we can be friends.

greetings from bali


the message sent.

after a while i see i have something on my inbox, maybe he reply..

and yay!!! yes he did. on his reply he wrote me..

“sorry d, but you are not my type”

short reply but its hurt! hehe..

does he think i want to have sex with? i said before “hope we can be friends”, not “hope i can ride your c*ck” not either “hope we can sleep together”.. well is that what everybody think? when someone say “hi” to you, does it have to be end up in bed? well back then i was young, i don’t even have sex with a man back then too. so whatever it does show how everybody think on chat online? well maybe not all of them, but most of them. what a shitty world if everybody does think that way!!


happen this month

august 2009


i was just checking my messages on that website as usual. i have some good friend already then, and i used to check my message frequently. then i let it open while i does my work.

“..plop..” sounds on the laptop reminds me that i have a new messages.

well guess who send me messages?


that person who said i’m not his type, he send me messages? ish!! i tought i’m not his type back then!! well i opened it..

“hello handsome, [what?!! now i’m handsome? hihi] want to meet up? [wew, is that the first line? so lame!] i can host in my place, [so? even i have free time i’m not going to meet you right away anyway] i lived in bali in this ***** [sensored] area.. care to meet up? [no thanks, i’m not single anymore and i;m good!]”

hmmmm what is this kind of guy think? they will sleep with a new guy they just knew? ewwww.. sorry not my kind guys. i would like to know the person first before it step to the next level, date.

well is not that i would do now, again because i have a boy friend. so everybody welcome to say hi and we can meet up, but as friend, nothing more than that.

hehe.. i almost forgot about why i have write before on that line, and where i will lead it to.. ok here we go..

guys.. our handsomeness and nice body is not going to stay with us forever, and even then we still are handsome, people grow old each day, when we were getting old and not handsome and have a nice body anymore, what can we count on to? the experience in bed? or how many sex you ever have with a guy? come one!!

personality what count!! that’s the important thing is. back when i was single, i don’t just sleep with a random guy i met online. usually i like person from their personality instead of his awesome body or his very thick dick, so there you go.

let say someone have a new boy friend but he fell for the guy handsomeness, or cuteness, or have a great body, does it will last? remember that people grow old, they wont have their handsomeness when the wrinkle start in their skin, the wont have a bubble but when they grow old and it will turn in to flabby one. so just think before we start a relationship with someone. and also personality is important. i would appreciate someone who have principle in their life. that’s what count!! [for me]

“..what about you guys?..”

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