“..love is beautifull..” well no doubt about that, and i think everyone agreed with that saying. but yet, sometime i’ve heard from some peoples, that they were afraid to love someone again, why? if love is beautifull, why would we afraid with it?

then all the reason comes up, such as : got hurt from the relationship they have had. they really love partner in the last relationship, but it turn out to be a shitty person. and so many others..

are they realise that when they were falling love, to what they falling in love to? the good looking face? the great sex? the money? the house? the car? the “bling-bling” life? or the personality of that other person? i think the answer in on ourself.

also when they start to love someone, what kind of figure they were looking for? a dad? a partner? a support for their life?

for sure i can’t explain all the reasons, yet so many people have their own reason and preference about how to live their own life. but when i heard someone said “..i’m not going to fall in love again..” really?

isn’t it all about the right person at the right time?

we need to believe for whose single :“..that someday we will meet that other half of us, someone we can share our tought to, someone we can built a future together to, someone who will protect us and someone who need our protection, someone whose proud to say [this is my partner] to their friends and not thinking [this twink that i just screwd last night] and someone we are looking for, that one person we always looking for..”

and for those person who already have a partner in their live : don’t look for other better person, because i dont think you going to finish your search. because it always will be a better new persons we gonna meet in the future. but make the partner we have as the best person we ever have in our entire live. realise it! once we make fault, we will never be the same person for our partner anymore!..

also as a saying “..love without expectation..”

is that even possible? depends. when you Love the partner you got, and dont compare it to any other love you have had before, because thats where the expectation start! but i believe when we are deeply in Love, you will just love that person without any expectation. it is not easy to be there, but can you say it to your partner you got now..

because you love him so much, you see’s him unhappy with you, and you know whom will make him happy than you. so let him be with that person, with seeing him happy with that person, you should be happy. because thats how love suppose to works.

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