little thought

for some reason i dont know, my body just doesn’t feel good. as far as i remember when i have these kind of feeling, im going to get sick. hhhh.. i was kind of hoping that what my body need is just a cup of coffee, and right not at this very moment, i still have about a half cup of coffee to finish..

i really can feel the feelings start to run my brain and body. and i got kind of lazy, gloomy, and feel lonely. this evening on my way to the atm and supermarket, i try to take a deep breath and thing that this situation is not the worse one, and it helps a little, but yet its not easy to the feeling go. arrived home still with the same feeling. making a cup of coffee and smoke the red-dunhill, and i remember, why dont i take it easy and not let its feeling bring me down. took sometime but it is working.

sometime the brain help to make you feel better, just be greatfull on any kind of stage you are, because you are now because of you past. everything happen for a reason. just believe that.

i think my point is, do not let a little stone in front of you make you fall, even so if it did, try to get up and keep walking.

i feel all better now.

2 replies to “little thought

  1. nice thought. I do believe the mind is stronger then the body, but not limitless hehe! At the end, the body wins 🙂

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