the curse of the crown

couldn’t help but, i have read this tittle of chapter in one of manga series, i have to read its chapter over and over, to finally make this post. actually i want to write something else about the manga, but yet i have read it all through. i just want to have the right understanding on it means. i must be honest, i’m quite busy with the job, and once i’m home, i got lazy to open the wordpad to write more on my blog. you know how it is, it take some certain mood and time to write something. isn’t it?

as the tittle said “the curse of the crown”. the manga tells about the king, who once were young and all clean, he think his father were not able to handle the curse it self, so he took it from the father, and then he become the king. as the son, name canute, were also at the same stage ah he were when he was young, and canute him self said that he can control its will of the curse of the crown. i know right now i was just talking non-sense and perhaps you dont even understand where im going with this tittle. hehe.. well keep on reading it, maybe then you will understand how my point of view.

the crown in here i put it as same as power and position, it work bothway, we can’t have power without position, and the other way around.

once we have the power but not the position, what can we do? we will be blame for anything that goes wrong, or we will be thinking that we can do better with that position. also someone with the position but without power, so its like just walking the same routine everyday. but once we got both, we will think un-same with once we were not in having those tittle or position or power, because you know? once we have the power and position, we surely will think out differently. for some people will think we were out of concious with our decission, why? because there were always someone who have no view like it. those crown can abuse us!! sometime we make easy judgement without knowing any further details. or if we see something, we easily said, its that! or its those! sometime it self person realise that they were changing, but yet the purpose of the crown must go on. so we let the will of the crown goes instead of re-considering it.

well the point is, please think it through before you make any decission. do not let your decission hurt the most people, make it the less, or even if its possible, do not hurt anyone with your decission. after all the decission have to be make, and again, the decission is yours. as far as you stay concious and considerate? i think you will be just fine.

i can’t understand how come the topic were out of my head, i’m really sure i want to write and explain about it, but i think the topic is too heavy for me to explain with my limited words and brain. but i think i understand the point of its.

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