new year two thousand eleven for me

four days off in new year is enough for me, or so i thought. new year this time was on saturday, i work in form of five and two, monday till friday working, and saturday and sunday im free. and i do enjoy for the time being on off day. ussually i visit some friends on saturday, and use the sunday to rest. well this time, i have save one day i did not take the last time, so it adds up in the end of the year. thirty first december is free. so i have like wednesday half day, and thursday to sunday free. enough to enjoy the new years.

wednesday evening..
meet up with some friends i have known for a while already, was having a great time chit-chatting and talking how are we doing. and move around from one to another places.

spend it with my other friends, try to look up for an information about ac, why? well i was thinking to put on an ac in my room, so once g is back to bali, he can’t complain about the heat when we cuddle. hihihi..

still looking for more information, about an ac, again? yes!! again!!

all those three day i really enjoy, being out with friends, although i still have some disturbance with g online timing, we haven’t chat a while on msn. at about nine pm i went home, arrived with a little traffict on the street. but i still can manage, even getting kind of pissed with how most of people drive. i take a shower, and once i’m done i question my self, “why adek not miauwing outside? ussually he start miauwing to get his food” i open the door, no sign of him wants to go in. when i shout “adek!” i heard him miauwing softly, hhmm.. i look under the bed, there he was, hiding!!

turn out he was hiding out from fireworks, hihi.. ahh poor adek, he scared of the sound and the light of the fireworks. when he got out under the bed, i grab him, i can feel that he is scared. and everytime a firework is on, he look up, and wants to run, under the bed again, i guess that his safety place. well i hold him. i feel sorry for him, and kind of feel a little guilty, i left him the wholeday. while he scared and hide him self under the bed. ahh.. it change my mind to go out to celebrate the new year, but choose to stay home, to make adek feel safe. and he did feel better i think, since he got more relax and possible to sleep, even once the big firework shoot he look up, but he not run anymore under the bed. because he knew, im with him, and i can protect him.

you guys might ask why would i choose adek instead of celebrating new year outside? well, you see, adek is like my baby, or our baby perhaps, from g and me. we take care adek since he was a baby, we feed him everyday, and there always food for him in the house, sometime we even sleep in the same bed. and our baby feel un-safe, so.. yes i decide to choose adek over celebrating the new year, outside.

later on g called me on excact 12 aclock once its new year time in bali. we talk a little, and if my memory were right, i said to him
happy new year honey, lets close this year with smile remembering all our memory to be together, even we were apart now, and lets hope the coming year we will spend more time together, with a brighter future for both of us

well that was a great new year for me, knowing adek is always there for me, and g that will always love me as i love him, faithfully.those were the greatest gift i ever have in my entire life.

thank you honey

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