happy new year everyone!!

at this very moment
on december, thirty first two thousand and ten

yes.. it is an important moment for some or maybe most of people, the plan were having dinner with bunch of friends, perhaps the love one too, or celebrate it just the two person who love each other. lets just say everyone wants to celebrate the end of the year and to welcome the coming year.

well i used to be one, and now not anymore? well i think i still want to celebrate it, but as you know, my love one is not with me right now, he has to come back to his hometown for some urgent reason, and not knowing when will he comes back. i miss this person so much. i almost get all emotional and sulky. but thanks God i didn’t..

today i went out with some friends, well a good friends of mine, i have spent the afternoon time with my friends. i admit it, it was great to be with them, as always they cheer me up, but honestly, deep down, i miss G. who doesn’t? its have been more than six month we were apart from each other.

the one i arrived home, i see adek waiting for me, and then i went to shower, turn on my netbook. listen to some musics and chat with some friends, on mirc. but then i remember something, i didn’t see adek? where is he? i went to look for him in the kitchen, not there, the place where he use to sleep, not there, ahh maybe he is out already. anyway, i look up under the bed, and there he was. ahh i remember something, adek afraid of the fireworks, the noise and the sounds. i dont think he wants to go out, he scared and feel un-save for him to go out. and hide under the bed. i drag him out of bed. i can tell, he scared. and i start to realise, i adek to protect, to make him feel save. and while i chat with G, adek is lying in bed with me.

to G : honey, i know we were apart for good, for a better future for both of us, so for all the people i should understand. please take as much time as you could, and i will be here, waiting for you, always. and as now is the end of the year, i close this year with smile, remembering our good time together and our love to each other, that is the greatest gift i ever had my dear. and i wish that next year will bring us joy, wisdom, and love even more to each other. and i will always love you.

to adek : dear adek, i know in the end of the year, lost of fireworks and noises, and you are afraid, dont worry baby, i always there to take care of you. to make you feel save, to be feed you when you are hungry. i will make sure you have the love that no other cat have had. and you can always come to me when u feel un-save. remember that.

to all dear friends : i wish you all a very happy new year, lets hope the next year will give us a brighter future.

and to everyone :
Happy New Year!!

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