its been a while i have some interesting thought in my head, well it comes up from a conversation with some friends actually, and yes i found it interesting and consider my self lucky. right now im still thinking how can i put it on the table without hurting anyone or none of friends of mine feel being expose.


everybody knows, this word can be use in so many level. it is very important for everyone to be concious all the time, somehow without we knowing it, we have lost our concious once we were angry, mad, or even in love. so take as many time you want after you think which decission or path you wanted to take.

someone i knew, he quit his jobs out of anger, and with that anger he make decission without thinking more further about his life and expenses and others. after a while and he start to realise that is not easy to find the job that he has his patience in, and now he start to get sulky and sad. and regreting his quick and on emotion decission. well as a good friend i just say to him to do his best now and no use to regreting what is already done. and gladly he take my advise, even now he didn’t finds a job yet, but at least he already try to do some several interview. and that please me, since he do his best. and on your interview? do your best shot! make sure that they want to hire you. and convince them that you are worth of hire.
in this case i still see that his consious are fading since it got cover by his emotion. at least before you decide to quit a job, find a job that at least the same or even better. and once you realise you make a mistake, pull your self together, and start planning for the future ahead. and keep yourself concious, dont let your emotion control you.

another case, all of the sudden she got sulky and sad, why? because she has talk to her friends, and she finds out some bitter thruth about her self in her friends eye, again, why? she finds out some people said that she is a fashionish kind of person, or maybe they think that she is cool maybe? but cool in an expensive afford-ing stuff. well you see, how many guys or girls want to be consider as cool? they even try to push them self in to the limit of the edge where they can’t afford their device to look cool. well in my opinion she should consider her self lucky, not many people can do stuff that she can do. so why would she sulk and sad about? her view of fashion-ish and their view might different right? so.. think a little outside of the box.
and also the concious of knowing how she want to present to everyone is still not clear. i think on some stage, once you found your self about what you want in your life, and how you want it to be, so you figure out where you want to be (well actually this line are from “heroes” series), and yes i finds it correct and true. so once your concious say this how i want it to be, so dont let your self down by someone opinion who doesn’t even know who you really are. right? if they were a good friends i dont think they speak it out of spite to hurt you or even make you sulk and sad, but more to they have look you up. and yes your concious should tells your self, that you are lucky.

ok from those little poor explanation that still raw and not everyone understand, i think i have spoke out my brain. the poin is, before you make step, try to think it through, and always do your best shot. because once you know who you really are, and what you want in your life, i think if someone who trully know you, will just understand and giving you support, and not letting you down. after all, that is a good friend suppose to be.

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