the colors

broken heart in to pieces, realize that we just missed a diamond in our life without any appreciation when we were having it, and now all we can do is crying and whining. even at some point we lost faith in ourself and God, then we went to some random guy that peoples called “gifted” and ask that person to bring the someone we really loved to be back at us. yet it doesn’t work and all we can do is crying, whining, and make all others fed-up with our heartbroken story. i say its “..the color of life..”

recently someone being transfer from east java to bali, even he said it is not easy to gave the place where we grew up and went ahead to a stranger island. instead of whining try to be positive and optimist that something even greater will comes along. i say its “..the color of life..”

someone who is born rich (the parents) most of the time will have a different point of view on things, even they have try and assure you they don’t. but when it come to make a decision, then the result most of the time are not the same with the decision of the opposite. even the judgments aren’t taken from the same point of view though the problem and picture being brought to the eyes is at the same time and the same exactly one. i say its “..the color of life..”

or someone who you really love and you never ever thought he will let you down such as cheating, forgetting your birthday, or hurting you, even breaking your heart. i still say its “..the color of life..”

the differences between each person, between the point of view, between how and what to enjoy things, and many others. that is just how life it should be. and i believe each difference colors are having their own admirer. only if we can see that the difference make the life is colorful. then i think there is no reason for us to not enjoy every moment to pass us along.

do you know that in the rain there are a beauty? and maybe someone even enjoying in the rain.
do you know that sick is also beauty? well base on my experience, once i enjoy it, slowly it goes away. even better!!
do you know that tired is also beauty? and then we can have a rest nicely.
do you know that working late from work is nice? try to look the street light and the motorbike light on the street.

so my point is, we have got to stop complaining and whining what is comes along our path and start enjoying it. it give me smile on whatever comes along in my path. and most of all, i am happy.

in my case?
“ is a definite blue!!..”

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