we were just stood there, looking at each other, tears were just unstoppable, it was a gloomy and sulky day for both of us. we have live together to almost 5 years back then, and it is not easy for both of us, as we both a stubborn guy, having our own brain, and no one will bow down when we argue. but yet, we still manage to make it so far. in the past few days, we were teary on both side, to face the fact that we both have to be apart. yes!! after 5 year un-easy relationship but yet we filled with lots of love to each other! we have to be apart after those years. who wouldn’t cry? who wouldn’t feel like the half of you are being taken from you? ohh dear..

..honey?..” softly comes out from my mouth.
..yes?..” he was listening to me and reply softly, i can see from his face that he is not health and not happy either.
..i know we will be apart, and does our relationship will end this way?..” i can see his tear were start to fell again from his eyes, ohh lord!! why did you do this to us? “..we have to settle this things down honey..” as i continue.
..i can’t promise you anything, i have to go as we both know it, and i don’t even know when can i be back to see you again..” his voice were trembling.
..i don’t ask you to come next month, next year or anything, i just want to know, that you will fight it, and still have the will to come back here, so i know that i still can count on you and i promise you i’ll wait..” i couldn’t held the tears not to fall.
then we both hold each other, we cried, again and again. our face and pillow were wet by our tears, it was a very emotional moment for both of us.
..will you?..” he ask with no hope for me to say yes.
..yes i will..” i assure him, and he hold me tight.

those were happen more than 9 month ago, when we cry because he has to leave this country for medical reason.

nowadays, we still chat regularly, he finds a job in his country, he is happy and healthy, and he still love me. and i, find a job that i ever wanted in my whole life, i’m happy, and i am still crazy about him. yes!! i don’t say that long distance relationship is easy, but also not so that difficult. not easy because there are lots of temptation and everything, not so that difficult, because once you set your mind to one person, then even you have give your life to him, if you really love him, you would do it. i know i would, if only i could.

“..choosing love for my path..”

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  1. with your splendid personality, gorgeous looks and heavenly butt, you could have easily choosen another bridge 🙂

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