“..i’ll be seeing..”

07:42 pm
on my way back home from office, driving motorbike, with an earphone played the rod stewart song..

..cut the drop bells what’s rolling.. and our hears sang on.. was is the spell of paris.. or the april dawn.. who knows if we shall meet again.. but when the morning chimes.. rings sweet again.. i’ll be seeing you.. in all the old familiar places.. that this hear of mine embraces.. all day through.. in that small cafe.. the park across the way.. the children’s carousel.. the chestnut trees.. the wishing well.. i’ll be seeing you.. in every lovely summer’s day.. in everything that’s light and gay.. i’ll find you in the morning sun.. and when the night is new.. i’ll  be looking at the moon.. and i’ll be seeing you..

and my tears fell for no reason, the night were about to arrive, i feel so lonely yet but so loved, and i take a deep breath and look at the street light, it is wonderful, “..honey.. i wish i could share it with you..” i whisper. and all the memories rushing back in my head..

i still remember how we ride together in a motorbike, you drive and i just sat in the back holding you. “..because when you drive the motorbike, you handle it like a mad man!..” you gave me reason on why you don’t like to sit in the back when i drive. do you know honey? back then when i hold you, i really do enjoy the moment? and i feel so in love with you? i’m sure you feel it too..

i still remember how we argue, you are someone who is so damn stubborn, and me, ahh we both the same. haha.. and yet we always solve things out, even it took us someday, even the arguing were quite heavy, yet when we sleep still holding each other. i still remember how pissed i got after the arguments, but yet when you hold me, i feel so love and save. ahh thank you honey..

and when we were at lunch or dinner, back then you like a very spicy food, even your sweat were running out like river, you still eating it with no hesitation. and i just enjoy to look at you getting all red because of the sambal you have took. but then you have problem with your tongue irritation and you can’t eat spicy food that much. honey.. i still enjoy to see you eat. when i saw you eating your food, it looks you really enjoying it and the food was delicious, and it also help me to enjoy my food.

or when you got out from the shower, seeing you walking around naked, ahh you are gorgeous! my gorgeous! and i just enjoy looking at it, even its just a glimpse. but i’m so happy, and i feel my heart pounding faster.

honey.. you are someone that makes me enjoying the hot sun in the day time, just took me remembering our memories, and i’m all good to go. the memories of us makes me enjoy the street light when i went home late from work, makes me enjoy going to work in the rain. enjoy all activity that i used to whine before. just the memories of us honey. that is how i make it through the day.

..i hope when you remember our memories, it gave you a big smile as it does to me..

2 replies to ““..i’ll be seeing..”

  1. lovely memories, it’s a good thing to write them down, even for your own sake. Fix them in writing. Read and re-read them. Add new memories. Cherish them.

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