..i can’t help it..
i will have to write this down before i’m off to sleep.

in the morning i wake up very early, then enjoy my cup of coffee with the lovely friends, cigarettes! yes i am a smoker. then just goofing around with some friend on mIRC, since its a weekend and i’m off from work, so today i have appointment with the woman who is the caretaker of the new room i wanted to take. i believe on the phone with her, i said i will come at 10am in the morning, but at 8:20am she already send me messages to come earlier and not too late, because she will have to go somewhere, so i reply that i will be there in 9:30am. as usual i do the bed, sweep the floor, and mop it after, then i went to take a bath to get ready. then get dress.

on my way to the new room, i have to pop up to the petrol station to fill the petrol for the bike of course, then went to the atm machine to draw some cash, i need to make the down payment for the room. even the route were longer, but the street is bigger than i usually take, and for sometime already, i always like to test how fast could the motorbike go. i got to 110km/h on the speedometer it shows, can’t go higher since the engine are already on limit power. i still remember before i could reach 115km/h, but not right now, but still good enough, happy i could make a motorbike with 10cc higher get so furious with me in the street because he just can’t pass me. he should be able to do it though.

arrive in the new room in one piece, and oh.. on the way i wasn’t thinking to race at all, just that the guy in the bike 10cc more than me, driving so irritating, he think he own the street or something. well then i start to get irritated and start do chase him, and pass him after that. because i’m is that simple guy who enjoy the green of the trees aside the street, enjoy the blue sky in front, and driving just in ok speed. only because the guy so cocky the way he drive his bike, got me exited and furious with him. just don’t irritate me in the street!! back to the new room, the caretaker already there waiting for me, she take me to the empty available room. its just newly painted, the room is bigger than where i stay now. have a big terrace in the back so i could have a cup of coffee there. kitchen in ok shape, bathroom and the floor in front of the bathroom needs to be clean, but that can be done then so no worries. from the front door the view is to the small garden in front. ohh did i say already that i finally got a second floor room? yes! i have been wanting it for sometime already and now i finally got it. she also said the ac will be installed before next midweek, that still doable, since i move there end of the week. so rooms ok, make some picture, and then head to buy nasi kuning (yellow rice) after i hand her the down payment. got the nasi kuning with mushroom being cook, then with some sambal pete and tempe. that’s a breakfast for me and is enough. get my friends putu mix nasi kuning, then head to her place. we have a breakfast together, chat and chat, then i head home after. and its already 12 noon. time goes so fast in bali really!

instead of going home, i decide to go buy some es cendol in the opposite of putu from my place. got 4 of them and still have 2 in the fridge. it is nice one, you guys should really try it. well if you dont have problem with sweet. haha! on the way home i do some groceries. arrive home with adek miauwing outside asking for his food (fyi : adek is my cat). gave him his food, then i enjoy the es cendol! it is still lovely!. turn on the computer, checking if i get any email, none! i write my bf an email about the new room, and send him some picture i take this morning. after that, so just turning on mIRC, again! yes again! then after chat for a while, i fell asleep, woke up at almost 4pm, my eyes goes to the screen again, nope, nothing! then later on, i call my friend windy, see if she is up for ayam kremes (crispy chicken) in panjer here, nope she is not in the mood for it, and ask me to come over and can have dinner on what her mom send to her, some bandung food i cant remember the name, dry tiny shrimp, fried potatoes, and sambal goreng tempe. then it is decided, i went there. she just arrived home from work she said, and still clean the room. so i sit outside, and her neighbor, ibu hendra, accompany me to sit outsite. she cooks rice, then while waiting we having conversation, about their other neighbor, about windys bf, about ibu hendra college, about gay life and stuff. the rice is done and we both (me and windy) went out to buy some vegies, got back at her place with big portion of ayam betutu! haha!! then we have dinner all three of us. well not the food that i enjoy, the conversation with my friends i enjoy. the food is in a ok stage, not that great but also not that bad. just ok. we have some interesting conversation about gay life, also about life as well. ahh they were a great independent woman. like them a lot!

anyway, the clock ticking show it is already almost 10pm, see? the time in bali goes so fast!

arrive home just in time, adek were waiting for me outside and asking his food again. is cat never get full? you gave them lots of food and still they ask more, and yet, adek stay slim!! doh!! wish i could stay slim doesnt matter the amount and the kind of food i ate!!

i forgot to turnoff my net book so it is still on, the mIRC still on, ym still on, msn are still on too. checking those online thingies and nothing really interest me, i went to shower immediately, and done showering i check on some gay website, i guess everyone know this site already? gayromeo, yes i have a profile there too. and you also can see my bf there link from my profile.

i cant help but, my eyes stop at one profile says “..no money boys or bugil! bali now so commercial and ugly. many money boys and prostitute from java! i am sad for bali..” its all in big letter, he also have it translated in indonesian, with a very bad translation, i think he just copy paste it from google translator or something, if not, then he need to learn more about indonesian language!

his id were bulexxl, so you do the math on what he is looking for and what kind of person who will messages him. ahh it kind of tickle me and got me angry too. and i think you wont ask why in this case.

why is someone with a not really polite id post something like that? he just happen to always looking after the wrong guy or what? or he just do that to get the attention from the local guys? i mean the originate born and raise in bali. but then why is he posting something like that again? if i remember correctly, i think he is the guy who own a major bar/cafe in bali a few years back before it got burn down, don’t he remember that because of the prostitute his business running before? ahh people easily to forget i guess. they only remember what they want to remember isn’t it?

as a javanese guy who works in bali for several years already, and me as gay guy, it does kind of tingle my pride, yes!! i am javanese, and i don’t sell my body for anyone to make a living. i earn my money with my sweat! i have to sit the whole day in the office to work couple of rupiahs to earn my living and to pay my dues. but why does he judge it that way? it hurting some peoples feeling. even if someone does working as a whore, its for making them living, and still there are some guys who uses what they provide, if you don’t want to get in it, just stay away from it. right?

there so many people who judge others without knowing them reason why is it become that way, i believe everyone has their own reason. and i believe the choices is in their own hand, whether they take right or left, or either right or wrong.

..was hoping that someday people will truly understand each other with no judging on what or how they do it..

ahh i guess that will be just a hopes..

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