..turn right, turn left..

yes, this is the title of an taiwan movies, such a movie that is packed nicely in such an emotion played-fully.
girl and boy met once, and those were love at first sight, they exchange number, but then they got caught up in the rain. and once they were home both number or paper were torn-out and such a blur that not even can be read, so they just make their own mind on the number and it is both wrong. so they just can’t get in touch with each other. turns out they were neighbor, but they just don’t cross each other path, yet.

they still keep longing for each other since their first met, when the girl walk to the right, the guy walk to the left, and it keep happened over and over, yet their feeling to each other aren’t fades away and getting stronger instead. in the middle of the movies my brain laugh and it just seems impossible, the movie were just packed nicely to for both not to met each other, yet. and at almost the end they both about to take a leap on their carrier, the girl will work abroad, so does the guy. and they both wish for a miracle, to have one more chance to see each other.

what is so called a miracle in the movie showed as an earth quake that break the wall that divide their path and yes, finally they met. they were hugging each other in the end.

i guess this movies wanted to say that, we should not give up our hope and wishes to anything, even it took long time and almost seems impossible from our end. but the will and effort to it, i believe someday, sometime, when the path have cross our way, we will be there. just make sure we have a dream for each of us, to how we wanted to have our life be..

each person have its own dream and wishes for their future, and by holding on to it, and kept doing our best, someday we will be the place where we wanted to be. just don’t lose faith and believe in our self.

dreaming on how we wanted to live our future is like a vision, i know such desire aren’t easy to be done. but once you were there, i think all the effort, the waiting, the longing, the wishing, are all worthed.

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