it feels like the post are so far distance between each other, actually its been several time of writing but i couldn’t find where would i want to carry the story, trust me i have several draft hanging waiting to be finished and posted. for some reason i couldn’t finish it, and i really am clueless why would that happen. when i start writing, usually i know where i would want to bring the closure of its article. but lately, just when my hand start to type and my brain making the line and stories, after several paragraph, i’m stumped! ahh its bothering me realizing i have an article waiting for me to find the end of the sentences.

happen several days ago, my eyes catches a post of facebook, a contest in a gay bar, the theme is “..mr teen 2011..”

i have seen the similar post sometime ago already, but nothing hit me or something pops out-in my head. so this time my brain laugh, i see the contestants of the competition, i didn’t mean to judge or anything, but to be honest, what do they contesting for? cute face? bubble butt? slim body? what else? from all the criteria to be the winner does brain is included?

i thought beauty of physical is depend? depend from whom who’s see them? isn’t it? or am i wrong? so again, whom is the winner? when the judge giving them score for whom is winning, then isn’t it will be depend on how is cute or handsome is? is that a fair contest?

several years back when i was just started my gay life, i have seen this kind of similar contest, one guy is out to be the winner, cute (i think average), slim (more like a gym kind of guys), handsome (far from it, i think), bubble butt (that is true! haha). well i was glad to see him as the winner, but it turns out in real life, he is high nose kind of guy, know what i mean? it feels like he is someone who is looking down to everyone, or maybe a very proud guy to be the winner of mr teen kind of thingies? haha!! really? then couple more month after that, turn out he is one of those boy who have not only one boyfriend but lots, and them (the boyfriends) paying his life and expenses.

hhmm.. is that because of the winning contest turn him in to something like that? and now this year and still on going contest are about to create the same? i know everybody is different, and who would stand showing body and juicy butt in front of everyone? he must have a little slut in him. haha!! sorry my language, i tried not to judge them too much, but yet still the words comes out!! my bad.

anyway back to the contest, so who decide whom is win or not? and is it really only physically score? are we really that shallow?

it bit me!!

2 replies to “..view?..

  1. nice reflexion. I think we have to decide for ourselves, each and everyone of us, what we want to achieve. We are all different, so I don’t expect everyone to have the same goal in life. Some go for beauty and buy lots of creams and powders, some go for fashion (I need that Gucci!), some for education (only a PhD is good enough), some for a muscled body (the gymrat), others for travelling (yes yes that’s me hehe, partly), many have it as their goal to be admired, others don’t care about admiration. We are all so much different.

    When are we a winner? When we put our goal high enough, and when we reach that goal. It doesn’t matter if it’s a beauty contest or a major cerebral task. Decide for yourself what you want to become, and go for it. Setting the goal in your life sets you on the path of being a life winner.


    1. ahh you were right in here, each goal for each persone were different and each person have the right to choose which kind of life they would wanted it to be. guess that is just my reflexion.


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