dear love,

“..happy anniversary..” that’s the first sentence that come out from my mouth this morning when i wake-up. i think and miss you a lot lately.
as we both know, long distance relation is never been easy, specially when your health is not totally improve yet, you have no idea how it kills me, how i worry of you when we haven’t chat for sometime, or how much do i think about you and wishing your condition is in good health.
everyday i think of you love, and if before i have a little doubt about the moving out to get to you, even sometime i assure my self that i wanted to, just the imagination of me leaving when i am now it’s not something easy, my work, my friends, my families, are all in here. but some time ago, i have make up my mind, that it doesn’t matter where i live, as far you were there, then i believe that is home for me. yes, you!

so don’t worry about me anymore, please do concern about your health, the sooner you improving, the sooner we can be finally united.
and at this very day, it is our official day of 6th year together, and there not a slight change about how i feel about you, it is getting greater perhaps.

my dear, my sweet heart, honey, my love.. ahh i miss you baby.. i do.. i really do..

“..happy the sixth anniversary..”

i wish you feel the same way like i do


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