several friends of mine, they got married.

and yes, they are gay guys, and yet they got married to a women. i don’t know how they run their life and how do they saw them self as gay on them choices.  but for so many reasons anyone could have end up the same, including me.

but what i don’t understand is, when they said “..i wish that i could be straight..”, and from that, my brain start to think and questioning, and lots of things i could not find an answer, or maybe i did, but still each person have their own opinion or view how to see each topic.

if they got married, are they really become straight? or it makes them a bisexual? or they just gay for them own reasons, and they have to seems straight, and they define them self as bisexual because they can do both? is this question just me? or do everyone else have the same exact question?

i knew from some friends, girls, they told me before, that gay people can be straight, really? or do they hope that them, gay people is become straight? or do them girls just fooling them self?

as from my end, i do not believe that bisexual is really bisexual, because once you gay, you gay. bisexual is just another words for gay guy whom cover them face in social life or families, but deep down, i believe they know them self better, the desire to sleep with men is there, and to have it with the opposite gender, is just a covered up. i also know every persons have their own right to make their decision and choices how to run their life, and some of them take the path where they have to lie. to be honest, i feel sorry for the girl and women they married to, what if they find it out? or even when they already knew, don’t you think it is not going to hurt them, and else, for their own faces or families or reasons, they have to take the bitter truth and accepting it.

becoming straight. really? is there really an option to switch of our self and become someone that we are not? or do we just fooling our self? as a gay guy, when we grew up, we have had a harsh and difficult time to know our self, and once the pressure from other people let it says from family, we surrender for who we really are? we know our self about our preferences, and how do we wanted to have sex with someone. and by raising your hand, surrender, to the eye of the community, we gave up on our true self? so i don’t think someone gay can become straight, or else, we will find someone who is on their forty something, and just about to come out, with them ex-wife and kids. ahh so sad. be careful of what we choose in our life. because the truth could hurt someone else when you decide to take other direction, and the worse is, we hurting our self, by torturing self in a relationship where actually we do not desire.

think about it..

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  1. and then, of course, there is the “marriage of convenience”: the female knows that her future husband is gay, but want to marry him anyway, not for the sexual aspect of marriage, but for other reasons (there can be so many: maybe she’s lesbian, and want a marriage of convenience for the eye of society, or she’s straight but not so interested in sex and more interested in the financial and otherwise stability of a marriage, or or or …).
    Can a gay guy pretend that he’s straight? Of course he can. Is it wise to live a life like that? It’s never wise not to be who you really are: constantly living in hiding and denial is not good for your soul.

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