he was too tired to get up from the bed, he rolled his eyes to the phone, the time showed that dinner were suppose to be taken an hour earlier.
..this will be taking sometime to finish this room to be arrange, i don’t think tonight it will be done..” he whispered, lazily he got up and put on a t-shirt and headed out. the room were still messed up. it is seen through his eyes, he is on mourn, his eyes can tell.
“..i am in kl now, 5 more hour waiting to go to holland..” an sms pop-up, that sms tear him apart. while the guy who is on transit to go back home, in pain, sick and not fine. that hurting him even more.

at the same time the night before, they were both in tears, hurting, because they have to, to be apart from each other. and they both decide, to continue the relationship on a long distance. after 5 years living together, going through a tough and difficult time together, now they have to be separated.

..ahh only if life were more kind to them two.. but that is not how it worked, in life, you must go through a difficult time to get stronger and tougher. and that is why life will kept throwing you stuff that sometime makes you want to quit. but apparently, they both did not quit. for real, at first, it feels like you just failed, broken hearted, hurting, and lots of crying involved.
he felt all lonely..
when a friend said “..don’t worry, you’ll be alright..
..how could i be alright? if the half of me were thousands miles away from me? and not even knowing when he will be back for me?..” he shouted, while his friend is in silence, and having no answer to that question.
he slept with tears, the night felt so long. the next day, he immediately continues to re-arranging the room, he knew it will not be done that morning, but he just have to kept him self busy, to get his mind off from what happened the day before.

..two years passed..
at about the same time, all the memories of what happened were rushing back in his head, he can’t believe that he can go through everything. and most of all, those two love bird still love each other, and within two more month, they will be together again. at last..

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