..just another day..

his both legs getting faster moving forward, while the sun is ready to have the set to show that the day is about to change with the night. the cloud starts to cover as the sun goes down, and the bias that has been reflect, gold-orange-yellow, ish. the guy just walk towards where the sun has sets, he missed the lovely god made view far in front of him. he just walk and walk, he had a tiring day at work, today, two container of computer parts were arriving from other island that is shipped for his office.

he open the door, the room is just 3x3meter, filled with a cheap matras for him to sleep, an old television that he bought by credit from the friends of his, a clothes that he arrange on top of a carton boxes, and some plastic plate and cups. he take off his clothes and put on his boxer. and lay down stretching his back. he let the tv on, and he fell asleep a few minutes later.

waking up with headache at 9:30pm, he makes a cup of coffee to gain all his conscious. the tv is still on, he then walk outside, and sat at the plastic chair in the terrace, lid the cigarettes on, and then he zip the coffee a little. the neighbors seems like they went out, maybe just driving around to finish the night before sleep, or maybe to get a fresh air, after the whole day tire with their jobs, or maybe they went out to have dinner with their friends or families.

..one fried rice to go please..” he said to the woman and she nod, which still busy with the cooking, she has some customers waiting. and then he sat down at one of the available chair, near the street, he look at the street, the traffic light going green. all the motorbikes and cars were starting to go slowly, the motorbike were the eager one to leave, “..probably all of them were tired and having a hard day like me as well..” he softly whisper. his eyes still looking at the four junction, while the traffic lights are switching periodically, to control the peoples who is going home or going to work.

he pay the take-away-fried-rice to the woman, and walked home, he wasn’t on a rush, so he just walk easy..

at the gate to his rooms..

..where have you been this afternoon? what time you were home?..” the guy asked him.

..ohh I have to work overtime this afternoon, two container arriving, so i was arriving home later than usual, why? what’s up?..

..ahh ok, no, i was going to ibu house, she cook cah kangkung today..” ibu is the woman yosh sleeping with, and also work with. yosh is a guy who come from east nusa tenggara, that is in the east part of bali, but yosh used to live in java for several years, that is why his javanese were fluent, and his character as well is not like the most of people who is coming from his area.

“..ahh sorry to miss that, works come first, and we both knows it, haha..” he smile to the guy. and the continues “..well i’ll have my dinner now ya? kind of hungry at the moment..” the guy nods.

he knew yosh for more than 8 months now, he was recently working in denpasar, bali, coming from east java, a small green town where the first president of his country were born and buried. with his big dream about coming to bali to get a good job that pays, and yet he work at this big company with peanut payments, that is just enough for his food and the room rent for a month, sometime it is not even enough. but he just do it anyway, because when he remember that in his hometown, he can’t even get a job at all.

living in a 10 rooms for rent with all others tenant from outside of town, that is built with half wall and half plywood, that is where he met yosh for the first time, he lived in that kost areas first, renting the room next door. sometime at night, when they both have nothing to do, and nowhere to go, they just sat at the terrace, while yosh playing his guitar and sang, some oldies songs, that sometime attract other tenants to join and sang together, while yosh played his guitar.

what he think the most is about, how to save the money, to last till the end of the month, so he don’t have to starve himself for a day or two before the payday, that is if the payday were on time which most of the time are not, so it means he need to borrow some cash from his colleague or friends. and when the payday, the first thing he do is paying his debt and the rents, and the leftover is for his food the whole month.

after he finished his dinner, he then sat outside with yosh, talking nonsense and sometime yosh playing his guitar. a fews hours later, they both went inside their room, and sleep. the day awaits tomorrow, another load of works, another walking five kilometers to go to his office, and go back another five. that is pretty much every day activity he have had. and yet didn’t complaint and whining, he just do. because he knew, that life is not easy. it never really is.

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