..simple smile..

as usual, every morning, i woke up at 6:30am, followed by making a cup of tea and toasting two slices of breads, maybe when i am in the mood to make, i could make scramble eggs with cheese. but today, i wasn’t in the mood to be busy in the morning, so i just put butter and jam for today. follows with sitting on the couch and turn on the television, also as usual in Indonesian channel, some corruption case that goes for ages and it is not done yet, or two groups who fought against each other, for a simple reason, or so i thought. apparently, there is no simple reason, they have their own problems that on going for sometime.

breakfast and tea are done, soon i will have to get ready for my morning activity, biking. i felt good, when i do this activity, the air surround are still fresh, not much traffic around, and some beautiful view i saw every morning, such as the rice fields, the food market and see many people’s getting their things to sale, and then the beach that is still quiet with the relieving breeze in the morning. actually, i practically in love with this morning activities. also it is good for my health as well, as i need to release my sweats as well, at my age, i need to be active, because gaining weight could come so easily.

also as usual, i take the same route, one guy catches my eyes, he always seems fresh and neat, it is possibly that he is about to go to work, with his shoulder bag, shoes, with driving his motorbike. i tried to smile at him, couple time, but i got no response, so i assume he wasn’t one of a kind. one morning, we both crossing eyes, he smile and not at me, ahh he has such a sweet smile. i meant to bike and pass by his area only to see him, to see his smile, because that made my morning biking already. i wish i could get to know him more, but then, i know nothing about him. just the room where he live i knew, other than that, none, ohh his smile i also knew that one.

it’s been several days he hasn’t showed up at the same time, and gave the smile that made my day, where is he? i hope everything is alright with him, also wish that he is not moving out from the room where he stayed, for whatever reason it is. “..did he knew that i have been missing his smile? did he knew all this time, i synchronies my time to pass his place only to see his smile?..” arrghh! what happened with me, i don’t even knew or sure that the guy like me, but then, his smile says that he did knew. i’ve been longing for smile from a person that i didn’t even knew his name, i’ve been longing for smile from an unknown person. alright, i maybe am crazy!

passing by his place again this time, no sign of him, to be honest, i can’t hope much, because saturday, usually i did not see his simple sweet smile. so i head to the beach, the air are still fresh at this time, while pedaling to get my bike moving, the air felt so refreshing. ahh, nature do giving a great feeling when you can enjoy them.

as i follow the bike pavements, a familiar motorbike parked at the side street.
..is it? naah, it can’t be..” i mumble to my self, while making sure that the motorbike is the motorbike. and i am sure that it is.
so i parked next to it, walk down to the beach, and there he is, sitting in the edge of pavements, looking at the sun rising, it was beautiful morning with a fresh air and the sky is clear, with the sun rising, ahh lovely, also added with the guy sat, longing, to see the sunrise.
..should i say hi? maybe he doesn’t want to be disturb, but what the hell did he do so early at the beach?..” my thought wonder around. but slowly, as i walk towards him, wishing he look at me, and then i can smile and i get my missing smile these several days.
his head turns looking at me slowly, as he sense my presence walking toward him, and when i smile, he smile back with a nodding. ahh there it is, just simple smile, that it is been missing lately.
he seems like just waking up, his hair is not as neat as usual, but his eyes look me through, and his lips, ahh his lips, wish i could take that lips home.

as i urge my self to sat, next to him, then i have no idea what to talk about, all i want is to see his smile several more times. and i’m not sure if he speak the language i spoke. living in here for 11 years did not help me with the local language, it is too difficult to learn, specially with my age, it feels like the brain can’t catch new words easily, is my brain is full?
..apakabar?..” shit! why do i speak his language, when he start to talk fast, i will be in a problem understanding it.
..kabar baik, terima kasih. kamu apakabar?..” there you go! i’m doom!
..kabar baik juga, terimakasih, maaf bahasa saya is no good..” ahh now i start to wish that he speak at least a little english.
..ahh alright, we can speak in english then..” goodness, what a relieve!
..my friends usually call me ji..” as he introduce himself and giving his hand to me. i grab his hand, it felt soft and smooth. ahh what it is not to like from this person in front of me?
..nice to meet you ji, oh and you can call me John..” and i don’t want to let his wrist go. but then he pulled his hand gently. why?! i can touch your hand hours but you only give me several seconds? why?!
..what you doing in here ji?..
..just enjoying the sunrise, it is beautiful, can you see that the sky is so clear? and the air is still fresh at this time, and the sound of the sea waves also wonderful..” he replied. ahh so he appreciated the nature, same as i do. weird hobby for such a young person as he is.
..and you?..” then he ask.
..ohh, i was biking just now, and then as usual, went to the beach, maybe get a coffee in the near restaurant here..” i replied.
..ahh ya, i saw you several time on your bike..” so he did noticed me this whole time. but then where were you these several days without notice and gone with your smile away?
..yes, i notice you as well, so you went to work when i usually saw you then? and today is not working then?..
..yes, saturday and sunday i’m free, when work is not so busy as usual, like yesterday, i’d like to sleep early and waking up early as well to see the sunrise as today..” he explained. ahh that answers some questions in my head already.

as we continue our conversations, surprisingly he speak english really well, as i admiring the sunrise and today, i admire his smile and his smooth hand. lust much? who cares?! why would nowadays we label our self or things with some word such as lust, slut, love, whore, high class, hard headed and many others? if the definition of the word itself is relative to each person? well i’m stumped, and instead, here i am, just enjoying the conversation with the sweet smile and smooth hand guy. yep! the rest of the world can wait.

..what about you? what you doing in here?..” he question.
..ohh i retire early, and now, just enjoying my old time in bali, enjoying the beaches, the morning sun, and the orange sunset..” i try to answer as careful as i could.
..ohh? aren’t you too young to retired? oh again, and bali? for an old age? nowadays, i don’t really think that bali is a good place to retire with the traffic and everything..” he is sharp.
..well, actually i run my own business in my hometown, so while the company runs by my staff, i can enjoy my old days in bali, and yes, bali’s traffic nowadays is no good, the underpass is still on progress now, so when it is done, lets hope it will solve the problem, 10 years ago, in bali, traffic are not an issue, any by the way, how old you think i am?..” as i replied, it is true, traffic nowadays is way too much compare to 10 years ago, and yet i can’t compare it then, because it does shows that bali developing fast.
..ahh good for you then, can enjoys your old day while your hard work when you’re young is being paid off, i don’t know about 10 years ago, but yes, 9 years ago, traffic weren’t so crazy as it is today. and with your age, i don’t want to guess, because when it is mistaken, it can hurt someone feeling, but what you’re saying just now does make sense, and i don’t question anymore..” he smile as he finish talking, ahh still the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen, the guy is not cute, or handsome, his smile just fit him, and his lips, yum!!
when the conversation goes, to figure that when he spoke, he is aware with his word for offending anyone, and his few are quite interesting for his age.

..well thank you for accompanying me watching sunrise, i think i should head home now, i have to pop up to the market to buy some groceries and cook for later..” he said as we were about to go.
..you don’t want to have a cup of coffee at my place? and we can continue our conversation, it was good to talk to you..” daring myself to invite him to come over to my place, to get to know him more, he turn out to be a very interesting guy to me. a guy who everyone would fall to. or am i just being stupid by letting myself feeling this way to a guy i just recently knew?
..i would love to but i can’t, later this afternoon i have appointment with one of my friend to check on his computer, sorry..
..i thought your work is not as technician?..” i replied.
..ohh no, this is just a side job, and most of my client were my friend, and let just say, i happened to know a few about solving technical problem with computer..” he smile again, i wish i can take that smile back home.
..so i can give you a call then? incase my computer is giving me a problem?..” if i get lucky here, i can get his phone number.
..ahh alright, just sms to this mobile number..” he reaches to his wallet and gave me his name card.

well it was lucky for me, to finally know the guy i have longing his smile for, and today i found out he has such a smooth hand, and such a kissable lips. who knows this may lead to something more, maybe friendship, maybe relationship. whatever it is, i now can say hi every morning i saw him in the street. and that is enough for me. for now. this kind of person don’t just pop up on your chat screen, or fall from the sky, or else, you can pick him from the bars. it is something different. and it feels good.

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