usually i use to comment on some chat log, but now is different, i’m not commenting on some words or senteces they speak, but from some nick used by some people on mirc or online profile on some certain website. is that important? well not really, but just sharing this thought. some might disagree, some might understand it, and some maybe understanding it but still doing it. well again its you guys preference, i dont meant to judge, i just speaking up thinking.
since my blog were on english, so i might transform the indonesian nick/user in to english [i know my english were not perfect, but as you can read from the beggining, thats me, thats who i am, that is how i talk in english when i write the article]. ok here goes :


guy-20-look-for-40-up : whore!
well maybe not all of them, but for when you give limit to the age instead of letting yourself falling to someone naturally, to me, its just tha he is looking for a stable economy and security, who knows when he do meet the person, the person already settle down, have a mature thinking [i can see why most people looking this part as their criteria] and a daddy figure maybe. again its like gambling, when you meet the good person? well you good, but when its not? keep on searching! but i still think giving an age limitation is like you dont want to be with someone that is 38 and have all the criteria you want to have. its like closing your own option to find someone that is right for you. why not just look for someone who knows what they want in their life, instead of someone who still searching on who they are. guys, not all mature guy have the same brain and thinking. maybe they know what they want, sex! well who doesnt want that? and i stil think giving your self limitation is like closing the option for you to fall for someone. think about it, not all the mature guy are mature enough, and not the below limit are all childish, so open your range if you know what you want in someone. you might finding it very close to you instead of chasing things that only exist in your fantasy someone young looking for a limited age older guy? still whore to me!! they want security and economy!! do they even know what they want? i mean in life, what do they want really? as a toy boy? or as someone who bend-over for money?


guy-50-look-for-22-or-younger : sick!
i dont have to explain again right? when you gave limitation to a number, well then when you might miss the right person. i know age is just a number, but feeling what is real. but someone who is let say old? looking for someone who is very young? they have something wrong in their heads. why? someone who knows what they want in life and have lots of experience, wanting to sleep with someone who is just like yesterday born. hmm thing about it again, they must have something their brain set to baby look a like. incest!! again its not all of them, but its just preference. but closing an option by number? silly!! and i find it so shallow.


i also realise this two were suited each other, but then again what next?
when the boy body is not that young anymore, and starting to gain a little weight, you just going to go for the next chance of another boy-with-baby-look-a-like? there you go! make sure you fall for someone because of them personality instead of them body or face. so when the body or face start to turn in to a grown-up you still love him for who he is. if you keep chasing for the cute or body, well you will chase the rest of your life and once you were old and you were with someone who is like 50 years old different age, they will think sugar daddy. haha!!
the opposite, when you fall for the money and security, what happen once all of them gone? guys the life is so much more than just money. you can live with a plenty of money, but when your heart and brain were not settling down, its all just materi. you better go get a job and improve your self, instead of searching a shortcut to have a bling-bling life.

i happen to have a friend who is already middle-age with if im not mistaken they have a 12 years different of an age, they were together for last almost 20 year must be now. thats love. you want to find love? dont limit your self with an age. but let it flow, because once you limiting it, you closing some door which might be yours trully. i know me and my partner, maybe i should start calling him as husband, because we were together for already more than 5 years. not an easy time since we were both stubborn. but with our feeling to each other, we maintain it somehow. even better, with us being apart by distance, ocean, and country, my feeling for him getting even more and more stronger each day.yes we have 20 years different of an age, but when i met him before, i dont limit my self with number or money. well thats me, and i’m glad i open the right door with him. so just be your self and leave all the stupid criteria you got, because you will never know who might come a long across your way and might end-up hold each other hand to face a future.

good luck!!

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