..april 2009..

as usual, i got up late and kind of lazy, if i could start the day a little later, i may dont have to lift my lazy butt from bed and heading to shower, well after the water run all over my body, im all up anyway, even still kind of lazy. hehe.. i think everyone have must been in that situation, dont we always to start the day a little later later? i think we do!! hehe.. well all started just lazy, when i close the door to go to office, i see this little-baby-kind-of-fat-eating-too-much-and-can’t-even-see-good cat, meow-ing outside in the terrace, i’ll tell my self to leave the cat alone, and kind of think the mother must be worried now hearing the baby-cat cry. so i walk around not to scare the cat, and take my motorbike and head to office.

work happen as usual, boring!! and the phone rang, someone across the line talk
..hi baby i find something that will make you happy..” i hear him so exited, and also i kind of hearing something screaming loud!..” thats just the quick response i had.
..well yeah, later when you come home we buy the stuff for adek yah?..” ahh.. he already called the cat adek, well to be honest we always call our cat adek, its like our little brother/sister to us. we take good care of the cat good, but several try-out with cats, we ended up just with each-other and the cat passed away.
he know that i’m a cat person, i rather to have cat as my pet rather than any-other-cute-pet around, that is why he tried to save the first adek with a-lonely-almost-dying-cat-with-uncomplete-eyes well yes, it was a little baby and i think with the cruel world, he got scratch by other cat in the eyes. he took it home, i still remember how exited he got that time, he bring the cat in the car and hide in the dashboard, well he is not so that cat person, he is more to a dog person. but he did all the effort to please me, and he gave him self a chance to like cat. “..i really appreciate what you did honey, and thank you for everything..” well back to the first adek he bring home with some kind of pirate eyes, we bring it to the vetenarian, but before that we need to go to the garage, because i just cant get the cat out of the dashboard, haha!!
lesson one : never let a cat that still little and scare of human free in your car, it might end-up in place that you might can’t even reach.
we were arrive at the vetenarian and she suggest us to operate and take-out one of the eye because its start to rot, ouch!! not an easy decission for us, but yes we said yes, while first adek in the vetenary-house we went home and do our similar everyday routine, now we have one more activity, visiting first adek in the vetenary-house. after a few days adek start running around here and there and looks happy,
he said “..see, we were good to cat, and i think in the old place he has no space for him self and kind of scared because all other big cat are trying to eliminate him, i think he will be a greatfull cat because we save him and we will love him as our family..” i smile and kind of touch, for someone who cant be around cat that much like me said something so sweet about it, well to me? im touch yes. we bring adek home, and yes adek does looks happy, even only with one eyes and still kind of scare of us, but somehow he manage to get use to us, he ate a lot, he run around, and i can see i gaining a little weight, ahh so happy.
few week after the vetenarian said that adek got a virus that similar like the cats in that vetenary-house-and-kind-of-hospital, so we might have to let it go, and we decide to take good care of the cat in the house, well you know, i dont really trust those stranger how they handle adek, that is why, it is killing us to see adek were sick, and he looks so weak. i gave adek the medicine with a little help from him just like how the doctor said.
one night we went out to have dinner, and once we were back, adek passed-away, ohh dear.. i cry my tears out, and he also sad, very sad. the first adek was our family even for several days, and the next things i have to do is burry adek. my tears were keep falling to the earth, and i dig a hole for adek. “ in peace adek..” thats what we both said after i’m done burry-ing adek. and the night we were about to sleep, i kept crying like a little baby, and again “..thank you honey for always being there for me..” but somehow we have to let the-first-adek go with the hope adek rest in peace..

to be continue..

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