..sun shining, bird chirping, sky is clear..

like this kind of moment isn’t it? when the day is start easy and lovely, it gives us power to look a head with a positive energy, well thats not what happened exactly this morning, i was lazy to get-of from the bed, and dont ask me why, i think same with most of people, we want the day start a little later, and be honest, these past vew month i dont have that problem, i sleep early, i wake up early in the morning, and i start my day with a big smile in my face. why? because my heart were shining out of love, why again? yes, i’m in love.well today i’m still in love, but why do i want to start my day a little later? if you want to hear the reason, i think you will understand, but i also dont want to bore you with the reason why, because you wanna know why? human tend to find a reason to be lazy, or when they make an error they tend to try to find the reason why.


one of a good friends mine, she was had a good job that she ever wanted, but with the time going, she start finding reason to quit the job that she ever wanted. well i know the outcome is, everyone want to improve their skill, brain and their emotion, and yes with the time going we will grow up, but we also have to realise, once we start a new job at a new place, you think it will be easy not to find another “reason”? they also have to realise that accepting things are also in a part growing up, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay still and not moving no, but we have to take the step in a very right and perfect moment, and how to know it? well only ourself knows.


back to the topic, with the lovely day start, smile to your self, and find what you want in life (i know this one is not an easy task to do, but with patient, with concious, im sure we can find our patient and vision) and start the day with spirit, love, smile. i think you get through the day just fine and better yet, you enjoy the day. so when sometime i hear someone whining, i just want to say “..stop whining and complaining and start living!..” but as a good friend, i kind of like hearing the whole story to get to know my friends even better. but the outcome from my side will stay the same “..it’s your life and you were the one who have to decide wether you went straight, right or left..” as a good friend i just have to accept any of them decissions.


speaking of me falling in love, thank you for someone very special in my heart and my life, because with this feeling i can start every day easy and joyable. well honey.. just incase you read this writing of me, everyday, every hour, every second, i look to my feeling to you and how greatfull i am with the relationship we have, even now we were far apart by distance, island, and ocean. but i know my feeling were real. thanks for being a big part of my life.

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