..a chair is still a chair – even though there’s no-one sitting there – but a chair is not a house – and a house is not a home – when there’s no-one there to hold you tight – and no-one there you can kiss goodnight – a room is still a room – even though there’s nothing there but gloom – but a room is not a house – and a house is not a home – when the two of us are far apart – i’m not meant to live alone – turn this house into a home – when I climb the stairs – and turn the key – oh, please be there – still in love with me..

–a cut song i really like–

well i cut it actually, i know the whole song were nice, but this are the most words i really like.

it’s been 28 day we were apart for an urgent reason that we can’t escape, and yes we have to take it as it is. hard? yes very!! since i live together with him for 5 years, and it is not easy to just apart like in our situation. hurt? If you love someone so much and each day you were with him, your love is growing, will it won’t be hurting you if you were apart? i think the answer is pretty clear.

everyday when we were together, we argue a lots [well two stubborn guy got together, it is very common to have an argument] we laugh together, we cry together, we smile together, we sad together, we sleep together, we shower together. hhhh.. not easy for me to just accept all this trial in our relationship, but yet i’ll have to manage it somehow. we both are not in easy situation, and in-spite all of that.. we love each other.. faithfully..

and as the words from the song that i cut above, this room is empty without him, the daily is empty without him.. before even after we argue big time, i still can’t wait to go home from office, just to see him. or while i’m going out with my friends, i kept thinking about him and wonder, why am i in here? why don’t i take him out? oh i really want to go home and hold him, and kiss him gently in his lips.

and i say “good night honey”.

well now that we will be apart for couple of years, every night before i close my eyes to sleep, i whisper “..good night honey, sleep tight and sweet dream..”

honey.. it is not easy for me either to be apart with you, but the will from both of us to be together is making me strong to go through our situation right now. we need to be strong in each case, because you know what? we will be re-united again in the future. Believe me, i’ll wait for you, even i have to wait the rest of my life.

yours trully

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