look at us

i was just learning how to chat on this website, well i admit i do know some guys from the website, it is a social networking website with a java messenger, it also have some channel base on the name of country locations, also the preference.

one guy were coming in, and i saw a all boys in the channel were calling his nick on that website, weird to me, looks like everyone knows him, ahh maybe he also already sleep with everyone as well. well to be honest i was not very interested. but out of no where i have the gut to say hi to him.

“..looks like you were famous in the channel? haha..” that was my first line. once i look at his picture, he looks like an ok guy, and his picture looks so very nice in my eyes.

“..iehe, i might know them yes..” ahh i see, might.. that’s a save answer. lol!!

well then he told me where he live which is in bali in north part of denpasar, and i live in the south centre denpasar. well not intend to visit him either to be honest, he must have his guy or his partner already.. after that we continue chat on ym!. yes so far that’s what i found out about him.

six month after i know him and we have chat for several time, we decide to meet up. once we met, it was a nice conversation, he was very nice and friendly guy to talk and chat to. no wonder most of people know him on the channel. it was just a friendly met what happen with us then, and then we continue on messaging mobile phone, 3 weeks after we met for the first time, and lots of messaging to each other, he invite me to come over, since he said he was alone, and his friends were going out he said.

haha!! yes it does happen, we did it, and that was the first time we have had make love. well i don’t know how it is for him, but for me, a guy who doesn’t have much experiences in that part, that was great! although it was the best one i ever have.

and since then we met more frequently, and the messaging were a lots also. i admit i think a lots about him since then, i still remember his kiss, i still remember the smell of his body, and tonight were the fifth year once i asked him to be my boyfriend.

it was to be exact four month after we slept together at the first place, and it was nine month after the first time we met on that social website.

and since then we live together and un-separable, we cries, we smiles, we fights, we argues, but all that what happened were just shows on how much we love each other.

five year ago we got together, till last fourteen june this month, he has to go back to his home town, to get his medical treatment. he was sick. it does kills me, i miss him so much, and tonight i have to celebrate it on my own.

“..happy our fifth of anniversary honey..”

on this anniversary i really hope you will get better soon so we can spend the rest of our life together, even we were apart now, i believe we will be together in the future.

tonight on twenty-ninth june two-thousand-ten

i wishper before sleep..

“..good night honey. i will always love you as always..”

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