“..dreamy guy..”

i remembered very well, that is the first he named me once he saw the picture.. well back then i was young, so i don’t really pay attention to it. but now once i saw that old picture, yes i do look dreaming in the day time, no smile, flat expression, not emotion at all, and i do realize i do look like dreaming.

year walking by like a bullet, felt like yesterday i graduate from high school, felt like yesterday then i decide to go to bali on my own. and felt like yesterday once i have a conversation with him, in his house, and he said that i’m a dreamy guy on my picture. its been five years ago, and i still think it was yesterday. dear lord, the time just passed me so fast, and here i am, a twenty six years young guy [hihi.. :-p].

well this past few day i do realize, i might be a dreamer guy, i still am thinking on a vision in my future, once i commit to it, i will keep looking at it and try the best i could to be there. at least those goal in the future that keeps me going, but i also realize that these past five years, my goal were changing, but still that goal includes the only one person i really love.

reality and friends told..

long distance relationship will never work!! i have been told from several friends, told me this thing. and i also have seen some couple breaking up because this term of “long distance relationship”. well at some stage i admit do having a doubt in our situation right now. we might end up same like everyone else is.

but you know what? i’ll say..

if i have to break the failure of most of people experiences, if i have to walk through a fire, if i have to be alone in an un-tell time.. well then i will break and go through all those experiences, when the goal is being with you..

and from this writing, this is me. and you know what? he do know how i’am even before we got together.

you were right honey..

“..i’am a dreamer..”

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