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“d.. can you ask y to pick me up?” he send me messages on mirc

“..why don’t you ask him your self?..” i answered


after that i did ask y to pick k in buss terminal, yeah a bit irritating, my brain said perhaps he was just tired from the long trip which took him for about 30 hours in buss. ah well let me just write the short story version and yes y did pick him up. bring him to the hotel and even checking him in.

after things are settle and seems ok, such as he got his own room, so its easier for him also to make his address on his resume. then when it comes to his interview..

“d.. i get the interview on this day at this time” because i don’t see any reason to post the details

“..can you ask y for me to borrow his motor bike in those day??” again he continue

ok that’s where i saw its start to get annoy me, like k need y, but asking me to ask y?.. hmmmm.. he need to grow up and have the gut!!

after we hang out a couple time, yet k still don’t have the gut to ask?? come on!!

“..starting things over..” <–isn’t that what you said? but on not having the gut to ask even its for your self? and don’t even get me start on this start over things!! i never see’s such things like starting over, you just continuing your life, but in different city. are you a new person? you still you!!

well.. enough of me talking about “starting over”..

and y also kind of irritating him self, why? why would k ask me to ask him? well if i was in his position maybe i’ll tell him in his face, if you need my help ask me!! i will say yes!! but not by my best friends. don’t you have your gut to ask?!! hihihihihi

well i think y also felt the same way like if i did. and we have a little chat..

“..come on!! he is 30 years old!!..” that’s what i said

“ know d, even if k ask it self, i will lent my motorbike to him..” y answer following the chidish k act.

sorry we call it childish!! but that’s just how we’ve seen it. until when is kes going to keep counting on us? [not that we don’t want to be count on, but every little things?? Really??]

we were just laughing when we remember this past view days. and got us realise..

“..we might just mids twenty guys, but we don’t act like a high school kids who still need his teacher to show him what to do and how to do it..” yes!! well that’s us!! we were critical and we keep it to our own, it’s a process of both of us to grow-up. we were a life, we have problem, we learn, and we moved on!! we not stuck in our past!!

that’s why we can be a good friend for real.

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