..this early morning..

..sunday morning..

“..what a beautiful sunday morning..” the birds chirping, the trees glowing, the sky is blue, the sun is rising, sometime i hear motorbike passing in the main street, very soft neighborhood activity i could hear from my terrace.

..ahh lovely..

i sip my coffee and turn on a red dunhill, smiling all alone enjoying the lovely morning. come to think of it, i live here for more than a month now, but not every day i enjoy the morning like today, it is lovely still. that is why, most of the night i’d like to sleep early only to be awake earlier and able to enjoy the day started. several time i saw birds flying pass, ahh.. i guess even the birds waking up early to enjoy the sun rising as well. some people also passing by with their motorbike to go and do their activities, perhaps they drive around to enjoy the morning fresh breeze. not very common an irritating sound of motorbike with a big exhaust passed by.

for me, waking up early could make my day, a day with no rush feeling, and got me able to enjoy the rest of the day. ..i also know without waking up early i should be able to enjoy the rest as well. but just my feeling, when i wake up later, or i got lazy in bed, then it will followed the rest, either it will on a rush, or lazy to do other activities. maybe not to other, but that is just based on my experience. so i always try to sleep earlier and wake up early as well. only to be able to enjoy the warmth of the morning sun, only to make me feels relax and enjoy my rest of the day.

“..weird?..” perhaps for some peoples, and i can understand it as well, there are some peoples who rather to get lazy in bed, and would like to have a “..give me ten more minute to rest..” ahh i’ve been there, but then the day will come also ten minute later. actually it doesn’t matter if you start sooner or later, as far as you can enjoy the day. and how you guys want to enjoy your day? it’s up to your self. isn’t it?

i still remember a few years back, the day were like ten more minute later, so at work also feels like a little later, even when i want to sleep, “.. little later please..” ahh.. i am so glad to be able to enjoy the day, and also those little things which are before meaningless, when i drive through the rice field, i smile and my brain also enjoying the lovely view.

i also have to thanks to my sweetheart, with love in heart, also got me able to enjoy things. and when i feel a little down, tired, bored, i look to how i much i missing him, and it give me smile, in my heart and in my lips. it is lucky to be able to love someone and be love by someone. the beat of the heart is like all the love songs, like the early morning with bird chirping, the warmth of the sun rising, the fresh breeze.

ok the point is, doesn’t matter where you live, as far as you can enjoy those little things, you should consider yourself lucky! you don’t need the expensive or fancy things to be able to enjoy the life on your path, if your heart can smile and happy, i believe you could enjoy the rest of the day that comes.

“..have a great day everyone..”

2 replies to “..this early morning..

  1. here in Flanders there’s a saying ” the early morning has gold in its mouth ” … meaning that the ones who wake up early will benefit the most 🙂

    1. my mom use to say to always wake up early in the morning because if we were up late, the chicken will took the luck. lool well in my case, because the morning is nice, really.

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