..ahh probably this post sound stupid for some people..

it was a friend of mine who lived somewhere in south bali, about 22km  away from me which is already in the south of denpasar, so you also can say my friend is kind of far away. but at this moment i wont talk about him, i want to talk about the journey that i experienced to go there..

i’m off work as usual at 6:00 pm, actually last sunday i already went to him to look at his computer, he said his c drive getting full, and it does getting full, only have 29GB for the system, back then, it was enough, but with the update from mr gates company, it surely will get full. after i make some space by taking other partition and make the 29 GB in to 53GB, that should do it, and all done. but then the computer ask for an update, several hours it took for me to finish the update, as the internet connection aren’t fast enough, so i just take a deep breath and be patience. and after the update that when the real problem start, the service pack 1 from windows 7 detect that the windows is not genuine, f*ck!! and it was already 9:30 pm, i’m exhausted and i need my sleep since tomorrow i have to work. well my dear love one were online and i was also talking to him while i’m updating the system, he has the same exact problem and he already cracked it again! hehe.. lucky me i don’t have to look for the crack for the error, but then the file that needs to download is quite big, about 22MB, late at night, with a very slow connection and tired, it can be devastating. tried to download but for some reason it failed. i told my friend that i will download the crack at home since his connection is slow, and thank you he understand it, it was already 10:30 pm.

on my way home, i was thinking to taking it easy, on the street on bypass, i saw the streetlight separating the road of right and left, ahh it was beautiful. i just enjoying my slow ride with dark, smiling. while watching those streetlight, it bring back my memories, how much do i enjoy sitting in the back holding g, and smiling of happiness, ahh i miss those moment, and i miss him too, a lots. within a few more days it will 11 month since he was going back to his hometown, and not even a tiny, my feeling to him is less or fade away, and it even growing stronger and bigger. while enjoying those streetlight got me thinking, “..i’m the luckiest guy in the world..”, for so many reason i do think i am lucky, lucky to have found the love of my life, lucky to have found a job that i ever wanted my whole life, lucky to have a great family, lucky to have all the great friends, lucky to enjoy the streetlight and thinking that i’m lucky, not many people can enjoy those little things.


i try to remote his computer from my office, but then the same problem occurred, my friend internet connection is not fast enough to transfer the data from my computer in the office. so i called him that i will come the next day.


with lots of work from office, i was already tired thinking to go all the way to the south of bali, but i made a promise to him yesterday that i will come, so after work i went home first to have my dinner, ohh almost forgot, i cooked last night,  mushroom with tomatoes and some other ingredient, it taste sour, spicy, and salty. just how i like my food would like, because i tried to find some place who cook mushroom, but they always cook it sweet, and doesn’t have enough sour in it, so making it my self is the only option for my tongue. even i have to get up very early to get the mushroom in the market. but its worthed! after having my dinner, i drive slowly to my friends, all the way i was enjoying those streetlight again. ahh lovely!! all people driving nuts passing me, but all i do is just enjoying streetlight and driving easy. no feeling that is as nice as this, and slowly the tire i got before are vanished. just took me 5 minute to crack the windows and the problems gone. i chat with him a little, then i excuse my self to go home. and again, on the way home i enjoying those streetlight, it is lovely!! really!! probably because i got lots of love from my boyfriend, family, and friends. and most of all, i love my life, as i am aware it is not in a right place yet, with my love one are far away, but i believe someday we will be together, again, anyhow, sooner or later. believing is also important. ahh i can’t be thankful enough to everyone who have cross my path. because whoever they are, make me who i am now.

..here’s a little peek with the streetlight i enjoy tonight on my way home..

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    1. well i still think the sour-spicy-and-salty-mushroom is still the best so far as i taste others. you should try to make it on your own, perhaps add any flavour you like. hehe..

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