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the marriage of prince william and kate, looks like everyone are focus on them holy matrimony. not that i’m jealous of them big fancy glamorous and fantastic marriage, but i was jealous of the fact that where i live, indonesia, are not allowing the gay guy get married. ahh silly!! only if it could, then it might be i don’t have to move out, and we can get married in here, with all my friends surround me. family? hhmm let me think about it first, my family doesn’t know that i am gay, or maybe they do and they just deny it. but untill i told them who i really am, i won’t gave them the news that me and my partner were married, ahh it will just shocked them and give them a heart attack! so  i decide not to tell them.

ohh i still remember recently, they find out a guy (umar) got married to a turn out to be a guy who dress up like woman (icha), so the neighbor decide to confront them, and yes it is proved that icha is a guy with a dick! so it blows up in the media, and turn out they already live together for about six month, and shockingly! umar doesn’t know that icha is a guy, a gay guy! ouch!! really?!! how do they have sex? umar said icha always ask to do it anally, but really? umar doesn’t know that it turn out icha have a dick instead of a pussy? its a very big difference really!! it must be a joke!! here is what i think, i think umar shame on him self, and it specially already go public, what about his family then? ahh i can understand why he chicken out. i think umar knows the deal, only if it doesn’t blows-up by the media and the neighbor, i think he will still fuck icha!! but in my defense, if he really love icha truly, he will say yes, we fake the documents to get the married license, so in that case they will be punish from making the fake documents, not being judge by others, is he really that stupid?!!

then icha, i believe i saw it on youtube his statement, “..i’m truly is a normal gay..” eh? what?!! you kidding me?!! you got dick inside you for the whole six month and you did not admit that you are gay?!! come on!! this one got me angry and disappointed to be honest. i know the family won’t accept it, but its already blown up, everyone watches it. come on!! i was expecting a brave statement from at least one of them, and both of them chickened out!! ahh!! i know people judge, but isn’t it too late to take it back? since you were dressing like a woman for the whole six month when you life with umar? ahh.. big disappointment!! but then again, i don’t judge them, i was disappointed at them on how they make their decision by looking at everyone prejudice to them and deny them self. they could be the very first gay guy who got married in indonesia, even they have to fake the documents, but yet again, the people who work in the government, will also go down, because they take the money and make the fake documents, isn’t it?!! or am i wrong? or its just the both of them (umar and icha) who just have the mistake? well you guys answer it your self.

it is a big shocked to me, to know they both deny them self which is pretty obvious. but yeah.. its up to them how they want to run their life, but if it were me, i wont back down, i stick to who i am and to my decision.

and back to marriage of prince william and kate, they celebrate their marriage fabulously, while in here they have to fake the documents to get the license. ahh pathetic!! when will everyone will just look that every human living are equal? without judging them, without looking at their preference. without looking at, are they straight? are they gay? well maybe at this very moment are not possible, but somehow in the future the without judging era will comes, don’t know when.

as in my case, me and my love one decide, that to get us both marriage, with legal license, i will have to move to his country, ahh not an easy decision to make, but i have make up my mind, i will follow where my love one is. don’t get me wrong, im not those kind of guys who want to get out from indonesia, no i don’t! but i have no choices, wherever i live, as far as my sweetheart there, that is a home for me.

even i don’t know when, but i will always save this words to you honey “..I DO..

2 replies to ““..marriage..”

  1. it would be interesting to know what would happen to the gay couple, if they would publicly admit that they are gay. Would they be brought to court? After all, they faked the marriage. Prison is waiting?

    Maybe they have good reasons to react the way they did. I always give them the benefit of the doubt.

    As for you, I can’t wait to see you dressed up like a bride 🙂 Be sure I’ll be there to take tons of pictures!!!!!

    1. the gay couple, umar is not missing and no where to find, and the icha guy is in prison, either way the prison is waiting, because the accusation of faking the documents. but not being gay, they can’t be punish for being gay in here, there is no law about it. gay or not, when you fake documents, its a guilty, so the question is, where and whom making the fake documents? see what i mean? it’s not only one person mistake, but some peoples. the mistake is being make by several people, so why would they have to carry all the burden, as for being gay, i think they just shame, because of the family and etc, etc.

      but to me still, they admit they are gay or not, it doesn’t matter anymore. ah well, i guess no one even think about it and judge them already like “..eww you gay!..” see? hahahaha!

      as for me, i don’t think i will dress up like bride, i mean woman bride. hihi.. just a guy and a guy marriage.

      and how about you guys? have you dress up and say the word to each other?

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