sindhu beach – sanur

long weekend.. friday – saturday – sunday, ahh lots of time to kill, wait did i do on friday? hhmm.. i went to putu’s place with papi after having lunch, it is always nice to visit her, but due to the distance from my new room now, it kind of got me lazy, well there were the three of us, having conversation, while we enjoy the chicken roosted from the restaurant in front of putu’s. we talk about life, love, etc, etc. you see, i’m the kind of guy who enjoy conversation with several friends, talking about what is up, how their view are like, joking around and everything. and oh the time goes fast while you having the conversation. later on at night, papi ask me to go out with him, to bars, yes to bars! ahh been a while haven’t goes to those kind of places, i believe it was september last year i went out there. “..well maybe the environment is different now..” i thought so. there was the four of us, papi, eddy (papi’s new friend), herman (papi’s another new friends who cook papi said so) and me.

there i am, standing in front of a crowd, but yet i still feel lonely, i find this very common when i go out to bars with no g next to me, see papi, eddy and herman having fun, and also enjoying the show. the drag queen show are still interesting to me, they sang a familiar song in my ears, papi know one of the drag queen name putu, putu as far as i remember, she (or he) always play role as whitney houston, she was a good one to play that part. at about 1:00am we decide to come home, papi with eddy, herman were staying around that bars area, and i drive my self. papi have someone to come home with tonight. haha!! good for him.

the next day, saturday,  i was planning to stay home, and wait my love one online as he has his free day, i would love to chat with him, i miss him so much. wait and wait, till 2:00pm but no sign from him online. as the phone rang, papi on the other side talking “ have your lunch already?..” as i don’t have lunch yet, not really hungry to be honest. but then i told him to come over and then we have lunch, its a rujak (vegetables, tofu, tempe and lontong mix with a peanut sambal, yum!!) we call it, the woman who sell those were coming from blitar same as me, i still remember when i was a kid, my mom and dad bought me those rujak too from the warung. ahh it bring back the memories, was lovely. and i am so glad to know that around my new place have this food. well good for me, every time i miss the food, i always can come there.

after lunch we head to sindhu beach – sanur.

you see, the beach is not as crowded as the other commercial beach such as kuta, but also not so that quite, still have some peoples around, they either swimming or just enjoying the beach, and the wave is not so big as well. to me it’s just a very nice beach, see the people playing, see the wave that come closer to you. it is very relaxing. when you come alone there, it is a place for you to enjoy the nature without you have the feeling lonely because some peoples are there, and not too crowded as well. i chat later on with g after the going out, guess we both miss each other, as more than 10 month now we were apart. ahh i miss him so badly..

and today, sunday, i stay home all day, arranging my room, just to make a new arrangement. arranging done, then i went to sleep (hihi). later on in the evening around 6:45pm i went out just to take a ride, bored at home the whole day. it is still nice when you can enjoy every little things, i enjoy the street light, the pounds aside the street with a big light to brighten it up, and see the people goes crazy in the street, and i drive through sanur, and just decide to go to the sindhu beach again on the way, ahh even in the night time it is still nice, some couple sitting at the beach, they just enjoy there holding each other, i sat at the stone going to the beach, enjoying the sound of the ocean, enjoying the light along the beach, i can clearly hear my thought

..sitting at sindhu beach sanur, listening to the ocean sound. thinking and missing you honey. muah..” i sent a message to my love one, i didn’t expect any answer as he must be at work now, so just to let him know what i’m doing at the moment. well i finally found my favorite beach and it is only 15 minute from my new room, isn’t it nice? hehe! well if you want to find a not-so-crowded kind of beaches, sindhu beach would be one of the option. as it is a very nice beach indeed. so when you guys come to bali, try to visit sindhu beach. i believe you will enjoy there as well.

–is happy going to sindhu beach–

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