..day as we like..

..wednesday evening after work..

appointed with a friend as i promise the other night i will bring one of my motorbike to him, he will rent it for several month with the agreed amount per-month, good to me as i cant bare to carry both of motorbike, and to be honest, two motorbike for one person is a little handful. anyway, so its said, i went to his place, he already have two other friends name hussein and freddy with him, and oh.. this guy name is papi, he is one of my partner friends, indonesian who is carrying a dutch citizen. so then we catch up a little, and over the conversation, this oldies friends of mine were kept talking about men, well what else? haha..

so then we decide to have a dinner at one of my favorite place “ayam kremes”, we head there, the two hussein and freddy with the car, because after dinner they will head off home, and papi with me, on the street, papi talking about how he enjoyed his time in medan these past few weeks, to see one of his boys. said he enjoy the environment and stuff, well good i say, at least the vacation to medan is nice for him.

and so on, said they enjoy the dinner as the fish they take is nice, and mine were chicken, and it still nice for me, hehe.. the we were off from “ayam kremes” place, after a cup coffee in renon, then helping him with his internet connection, he drop me home. that was a nice time to have with some friends. adek as always waiting outside meauwing (loud one) asking his food, sleep nicely at night, and wake up at 6:30am, feels nice.. after that have a cup of coffee and cigarettes.

funny thing! this morning before i went to work, i start the motorbike in the rain, its just doesn’t want to startup, the battery were down, as i haven’t use the motorbike for several days now, ahh my fault, so i have to walk from home to office for about 10-15 minutes, well i was cursing at first, but on quarter way, i realize, that i could happen to anyone, just be glad that the office is only a few hundreds meter, not like when i live in the old room.

in the rain, under a raincoat, with an earphone in my ears listening to my music, ahh.. it was lovely! and that’s where i start to enjoy the walking to office, i think when you take things easy, you can enjoy things that comes along.. i started this easy thingies to my self and i’m glad i did, everyday is a lovely day, doesn’t matter its raining, sunny, working late, tired and etc, etc.

right now i sit my chair, feeling tired, and still enjoying it, today were quite a lovely busy day, as work were quite handful, and then i have to think about the motorbike that doesn’t start either, but all arrange thank you very much, even took some more energy, knowing that the motorbike were now runs well, tomorrow have to wake up early, to pick-up mom n dad who come from the hometown to visit me.

..i will bring them to some of my favorite place. also hoping they will enjoy their vacation..

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