..on his own..

meanwhile at the chatroom on dalnet:


[06:24] @rick : alright everyone, work is almost done, and i will be leaving in a few minutes, so wish you guys enjoy the chat and have a great weekend!
[06:24] rick is off


he then press the x red button on his screen, without giving any response from all the friends on the chatroom that wishes him back, to have a good weekend.
yep, thats pretty much he is, when he wanted to go, he just go, not paying attention to any other peoples who still enjoying the ongoing conversation. to him, he just type what is in his mind, what his opinion regarding the on going conversations.
bisexual, that was the conversations about just now. and according to him, he does not agree with bisexual, because there will be to many peoples who will got hurt, the wife and the kids (if the person already married and have kids), the guy who he have sex or relationship with, the parents, and the friends who doesn’t know that he actually is having a double kind of life, and more over, he is hurting him self.
to him, the more person it got hurts, the complicated of the situation gets.
are we born to hurt others?
that one of many questions he have in his head.


he turn the notebook off after saving all his work, and make sure all the incoming email are read, and no more works come from new emails, then preparing his belonging to get ready to go home.
he was the last one that is out from the office, everyone left 30 minutes earlier than him, apparently his colleague finishes their work earlier, thats what he thought.


the watch on his wrist shows that its already 6:49PM when he just arrived home, he then wash his face and change his clothes, to a while t-shirt and blue shorts. the television were playing EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND, one of his favorites series. on friday, he didn’t bother with whats on television, he will do his activities after work on friday, again to him, friday is where the weekend started, and he just can’t sit around and do nothing. tonight, he is planning to go to the coffee shop in the city, to enjoy the friday evening.


“..one aceh gayo coffee with cake?..” the waiter question and break his typing to his phone.
“..yes..” shortly he answered with smile.
“..thank you..” he then continued.
the waiter left with the tray, and he continue typing to his phone.

“..sorry about that, but i really have to go home, my work is done, and also i’m sorry the coffee and the cake is here, i will continue enjoying my friday evening, maybe later if i’m not home too late, i will be online..” sent.
“..what?! im not finished!..” he dont open his friends message, then close his phone.

his friends at the other city complained, while his friend just join to the chatroom 15 minutes before rick closed up, and start to enjoy the conversation and having his opinion, rick left, and everyone also away from the keyboard. so he complained.
the phone kept making “tuk” “tuk” noises, rick doesn’t pay attention to it anymore.


at the other side of the front terrace from the coffee shop, there are 3 guys and 4 girls having them interesting conversations, and one couple sat behind the group table while having an intimate conversations just the two of them.
while inside of the coffee shop having more groups of peoples enjoying them own conversations and coffee, or probably tea.
looking at those groups, his brain remember a week ago while he was sitting at his very spot with his friends, talking nonsense, just to have a good laugh with all his friends.
this evening, he did not ask where his friends going, or not letting them know.
this evening, he just wanted to be on his own, enjoying his coffee and cake.


One reply to “..on his own..

  1. sometimes it’s nice to be all by oneself. No need to keep a conversation going. Just relaxing and watching the world go by.

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