and I feel just like am living someone else’s life
is like I just step outside, when everything was going right
and im surrounded by a million people eye
still feel alone and let me go home
oh I miss you, you know
home from michael buble play softly in his room, then all his memories rushing back in his very front eyes. while sitting in his fake-leather-a-like couch, he remember almost six years ago, how he mourn about his leaving love-one back to the country. how life it seems so unfair to the love birds, them both working hard to get to where they are, it is from the very beginning, as far as they both remember, they always work hard to earn a living. yet their path is to be separated by force. a bitter choice need to be taken.
..two weeks later..
the company where he work announce, one of the investor decided to leave the company, and the company is no longer operating. so in other words, he will have to find another company who is hiring. he then start questioning with how is this happening to his life, why is his life splattering everywhere? before, six month in the past, he was having a proper life, with the business that is start to walk, an actual profit is seen at the end of the months. while at work he almost close the contract for the buyer of the product that is being produced by the factory, and they just wait the product to be shipped. and everything will be running smoothly.
..how does it end this way?..” he questioned.
after the whole week attending to several interviews, he was accepted to work in a local bank, the manager was very happy to have him joining the team work, but yet he felt that his skill and brain wasted. he worked hard all these years yet he get a job that is very simple and doesn’t requires him to think, because everything are systemize. a week later he decide to resign from the company. the following week he got an interview in a company where the field is similarly with his actual education, years ago. back then, buried deep in his thought, that he could work at the field he was studying, yet it about happen. that day, he felt he was reaching the rainbow, his dream job. when he email the loved one about the job he just got, separated more than twelve thousand miles away, the person at the other side actually happy for him. meanwhile, at the other end, he is still recovering from the illness, the actual reason them two have to be separated.
happiness is filling his heart, but there is something he is longing for, someone he wanted to share his happy moment with, something that he can call home.
..five years later..
he was wearing his sweater to visit the love one, when he walk out from the airport, after more than sixteen hours flight, he was eager to see his love one, he light red dunhill, after he look around there are peoples smoking outside of the airport, so he did too, waiting for the person that he longing for the years to come to pick him up. the wind blows saying a hello to him, he finishes his cigarette’s quickly and run inside. for someone who grew in a tropical country, and the greetings from the winds is enough, for him to realize that he is far away from where he have his life. in the car, they were both holding hand all the way to the love-one place. he eyes looking at the side windows, place he never went or dream of, yet there he is, driving along the highway, all green he sees, the building we well placed, also the tree, deep down felt like home. or maybe, it’s just because they were holding hand.
..it is cold in here isn’t it?..” the person next to him laughing, he still looking at the road as he need to drive the wheel. he smile looking at the guy face, feeling funny.
“..hehe.. this is warm, you have no idea how cold it gets in this country..” he then replied.
“..well that’s not making me feel any better by coming here..
two days later, because at the first day the love one families coming because he cook special dishes from his hometown.
he says, “..there is food I cook, of course they will visit, also they actually wanted to see you, I have been talking about you for years. so they must have been curious to know you as well..
“..i hope they like me..” he reply short.
“..of course they do, who wouldn’t?..” he replied
“..and if they don’t, I couldn’t care less, I’ll stick with you anyway, and you know that already..
..hon..” he then continue, the love one mute the sound of the television.
..yes?..” he look at the person sitting next to his chair, the chair that is empty this whole years.
..thank you for making me feel home in here..” he said a little soft.
..im glad, I don’t want you to be unhappy in here, because you are far away from where you born to, and making you feel home in here, that is all I want..” the love one says.
“..you do know it’s not the environment, weather or your apartment that makes me feel home right?..” he question again
..i know sweetheart, I know..

they look at each other. smiling

4 replies to “..home..

    1. you know, I’ve been tossing around, trying to find the proper reply, but it is always resulting in more question in my head, if there is a “happily ever after” exist?

    2. Ask yourself the following question: am I happy now? If you can answer wholeheartedly “yes”, then there’s no need for further questions. If your answer is less then “yes” (e.g.: “sometimes”, “not to the fullest”, “partly”, …) then you need to work on the issue(s) that limit your happiness. Love you anyway 🙂

    3. you know me, I easily find happiness, such as the morning, the evening, the night, the rain, the beach, the rice field and the list goes on and on.
      my question is at the, as if “happily ever after” exist? while I was tossing around, I was inspired by the question it self. I think it is how we define happiness and sadness in our life. of course the sad exist as well, but it is for us to actually experience it to be tasting the happiness it self. but ever after? that’s a little tough to argue. have a good day in there will you.

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