..the relationship..

It was one of those night, worth to remember. The dinner went very well, although he order a fried rice, which I think would be too many carbo enter his tiny body, and order a chicken Gordon bleu for myself. I know, I should make a comment about his eating, why would someone ate rice at almost 10PM? Again, I am new in this country, probably that is how peoples in here, as rice is their main course. Unlike us in the west, we ate more meat, with potatoes. Unluckily, me, my weight is off the chart, while on the contrary, he ate a very heavy food, and yet he is not gaining weight and tiny. Could it be the heat burn the calories away? That must be it.
After dinner we went for a stroll at the hotel area, he, someone that must be like, 163cm with an average weight, walk on my side, someone that is 193cm and gain 125kg, if I take him out, peoples must be thinking negative of us. We look nothing alike. And our body size is just way too massive.
I am not someone who is caring about what others think. But in this country. I can’t be too careless either. I don’t want to be in trouble or he, could accidently meet his friends, it would make things awkward, and just might ruin the first date I have after a while I have none.
After long enough walk, in the hotel surrounding, I offer him to see the room and he agree to. I can’t stop having this naughty thought, on first night and try, and I got lucky? I love this country. It would take me sometime to actually date someone back home, the gays in there were set on younger generations, unlike me, and older version of a lonely gay guy. That’s why back home, my sex life is somewhat dry. Unfortunately.
I can’t keep my eyes off him, he looks rather quiet and shy, but I can sense his full with curiosities. So am I, curious. Someone who is 35 younger that I am. Is that wrong, knowing that I am attracted to someone way much younger that I do? Or do I just turn like everyone else back home, who actually attracted to younger instead? Does the societies actually affect my preferences?
We stand on the terrace, his eyes were gazing at the pools and the garden of the hotels, he is quiet, while I am looking at him, I dare myself to put my arm around him, he felt that and have no comment, and then look at me, not saying a word. And the he turn his back around and went to the room. ‘Should I continue trying or should I quit it.’ My thought wondering. I follow him back inside, again he sat on the other corner of the couch, and I sat right next to him.
..so, this your first visit to Bali?..” he question
..yes, that is correct, the country is always hot like this?..
..the weather always been this way, maybe not a problem for us, someone who live and grew in this weather, but I realize that it must be hot for you, because I notice you sweat more while we walk just now..” of course, even at night it is still warm, and he actually notice that I sweat too. It felt odd, you meet someone for the first time, and that person noticing this things. Thankfully the AC in the room is on, otherwise I will sweat more.
..i think that’s it..” I look at him closer, he didn’t blink or trying to look to another direction, I smile at him. He is still looking at me. So, I kiss him. I felt a pause when my lip touches his. The second one, he respond a little, it felt odd, I actually think doesn’t know how to kiss. What a pity, with his lips, I imagine he would be one hell of a kisser.
After we kissed several minutes, I start to feel that he is starting to actually enjoy it, he close his eyes while we kiss. Scratch what I said before, turn out, he can kiss. Maybe it was just a momentary lapse, something that we need to get used to, to actually know what we’re doing. He head were resting on the couch while we kiss, trust me, I just want to grope him, my brain work in an instant, if I do, I could hurt this boy, his tiny body would not be able to hold mine, and on the couch, if the couch broke, I don’t think he will survive that.
I hold him, while we still kiss, and slowly I move to my side, still holding and kissing him. I rest my shoulder to the couch, he is sitting on my lap, we still kiss. I actually think I move smooth this time. There is a pause again, we rest, he sit straight on my lap, looking at me. ‘Don’t stop’ my thought shout. He is smiling. I unbutton his shirt half way. I hold him, lead his body closer, he is just following my movement, his soft lips touch mine, it felt so good. Never realize that a kiss could get us so high. My hand taking of his shirt, once his shirt I off, I touch his smooth skin, Oh, I can’t get enough of this. My hand exploring his body, there is nothing that I couldn’t enjoy.
..shall we move to the bed?..” I suggested. And he nod.
I open my eyes, still couldn’t believe that last night we were up so late, enjoying each other. The light is on in the bathroom makes the room in a slight low light. He is asleep peacefully next to me, under the blanket. I don’t want to wake him, so I sat slowly in the edge of the bed, our clothes were on the floor, I put on my boxer, then walk to the fridge. Drink a glass of water. I look at the time, it is still 5:38 morning, I walk to the windows and peek outside, the sun is not even out yet, as usual, I woke up before the sunshine.
I could turn on the television and watch the news, but that would wake him up, let him enjoy his sleep, after all, he must have had been worn out from last night. So I walk back to bed, getting under the blanket, and hold him.
I try not to make much movements, my hand were touching his body, darn, I can’t just touch his body without moving my hand, exploring. He move, I lift my hand. He turn around, I see he open his eyes.
..good morning..” I greet
..good morning to you too..
..did I wake you?..
..no, not really, I was half asleep when you got up..” he reply
..sorry, didn’t mean to wake you..
..no, not at all, I used to be awake early, so don’t feel bad about it..
..ok, last night, I enjoyed it very much..
..likewise, I enjoyed it too..” he smile. And he put his arm around me. Does this actually happened? Someone staying overnight with me? And in the morning, he is cuddling with me. When I tried to remember my sexual encounter with others, they usually left after we both done with our business. Not that I mind about it. But cuddling is better. And in the morning, is best one. The perfect way to start the day. Is by having someone next to you. Enjoying each other companion. And exploring each other. Or just hold each other.
After breakfast, he had to leave, said he have to work half day. How come someone that I just meet and sleep with for the first time, got me not wanting him to leave. I want him to be with me.
When reality hit, then I understand, he have to work, it is something that he have to do.
We met every day after that night, in the weekend he spent time with me, we went to the beach, to have lunch and enjoying the sun, under the same umbrella. Life goes smooth and comforting. Prices are cheap compared to prices in Nahant. Which makes me love the island even more. We went to this gay beach, many guys are there, either for lunch, or sunbathing. Some of them come with their friends in groups. Some of them are coming with their love one.
Two weeks after we enjoy each other company, we were like an item, I even call him Baby and not his name, and he call me Daddy. I never thought I would have this kind of relationship. I enjoy every minutes I’ve spend with him.
When he is off to work, I join this tour to explore the island, I go to this traditional village out of town, love the sceneries, the green, and the peoples. They are always friendly and smile. Life in here seems more enjoyable. While I was out, I most of the time thinking about him, he would enjoy the trip I am doing, visiting traditional village, temples, and many others. But it would not be nice of me, to ask him off work to travel with me.

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  1. and there you are, on the right path to describe more intimate without writing porn 🙂 congratulations!

    Do google for “chicken Gordon blue” though.

    1. thank you, i’m trying to make a connecting stories between those articles weekly.
      the wrong spelling? ya, did not see that coming. hehe.. changing to its true, will not make it relate to the color anymore. any idea how?

    2. haha, not to worry, i though i relate the name of the food with something else, but is not, so changing the name doesn’t affect the writing. hehe.. always good to be corrected, so i know where did i mistyped it. 😀
      how are you anyway?

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