..the late one..

Being awake in the morning was usually are rather lazy, since we decide to be in relationship, my morning start with heartbeat rhythm. I am happy to be awake before him, looking at him for a few minutes, admiring his peaceful sleep and his slow breathing, and when I am lucky, he open his eyes while I am looking at him. That’s when I give him a morning kiss. I enjoy our time together, how he is now holding me when we drive on our motorbike, how we have our simple dinner together, and how we enjoy the weekend by driving around. I could not ask more. I am happy.
“..Will you ever considering to move-in with me?..” He look at me oddly, I think it is a rather surprise reaction of the question.
“..Moving in? Which mean is living together? Are you sure? I mean we just in relationship for several days, don’t you think it is too quick for us take the step?..” As I expected. He is unsure about our relationship, of course things went well, but when I realize we just been together not long ago, I also start to question myself.
“..Well, I don’t like knowing the person who I have relationship with could be not sleeping with me. And I think, by us moving in together, I don’t have to think that there is 50 percent of you would not sleep with me. Does that make sense to you?..”
“..Sure, it make sense. But don’t you think we are moving way too fast?..” He raised his eyebrow.
“..Who’s to say we are moving too fast or too slow? I think if we both are meant to be, we can overcome any obstacles, and this too fast and too slow concept, is just in our head, don’t you think so?..” By trying to make things simpler and easier, I am hoping that it would be sensible enough for him, to wanting to live with me.
“..True, the question is, are you ready having me around most of the time?..”
“..I have been thinking about it the first day we were together, I hate knowing that I have to drop you at your place before you go to work and I think at sometime soon, it could easily be you will have to work overtime, then you will want to stay in your room. What kind of a relationship if we both still sleeping on separate bed? Or worse yet, separate house? Beside, we can cut the rent by moving in together..”
“..Ok..” Did I just hear an ‘OK’ from him? Does my explanation got through him? I always reasoning, and apparently, he is agreeing. Owh the day could not get any better. “..Just to be sure, when do you wish me to move?..”
“..Several days ago?..” I smile “..Whenever you can arrange the moving, it will be a good thing, for us, to live together..” I correct my joke.
“..I will look at the options tomorrow..”
Deadline of the magazine kept moving closer, and when I asked my colleague who have the contents, some of them are late with their articles. That costs me will have to work even faster, with the time limit.
‘..What time will you be finish on time today?..’ A text message is sent to him. I work on the articles layout that is already given to me. Now, at least 70 percent of the whole magazine is finished. If I waited for all articles to be finished, then I would not have time to finish the whole issue magazine to be send to the printing company.
‘..I will be finish a little late today, maybe around 30 minutes up to 1 hour..’
‘..OK, will pick you up at 6:30PM then..’
An hour later, several emails hitting my inbox, most of it is works. In one of the email, it say that she is sorry for the late articles, and knowing that tomorrow is a public holiday, so I will have to hurry with my works. Crap! I hate the fact that now I am the one who is feeling guilty of not knowing that tomorrow is public holiday, I don’t look at my calendar everyday, and I hardly notice if there are holiday or not, when I work, I work, not busy looking when I am don’t have to go to work.
‘..Work load just come a few minutes ago, I don’t think I can pick you at 6:30PM as I said before..’ I will have to let him know.
‘..OK, I can go back to my room tonight. So you don’t have to be in a hurry..’
‘..No! I will pick you up later after I am finish with my work. Or you can come to my office after your work?..’
‘..You sure? It is a work environment, I don’t want you to be distracted with your work..’
..Please! You won’t distract me..How on earth! He could think that he would distract me.
..I am in front of your office..’ My phone is beeping of the message. I get up from my chair, and walk out from the office. He is sitting on the bench while enjoying his red Dunhill. I light my red Marlboro and sit next to him.
“..Ahh, this is what I need an hour ago..” I blow the smoke out. I look at him and smile. “..Hi You..”
“..Hi You too, why don’t you go out and smoke an hour ago if you need it?..” His smile got me excited, my energy suddenly boost-up, and I am ready to finish my work.“..I actually wait for you, so we can smoke out here, together. Smoking on your own is not as pleasant as is, compared to smoke with the person you attracted to..”
“..Owh, that line won’t work on me. Let’s finish the cigarette and you can finish your work sooner..” He smile again. This time, even cuter than before.
“..That’s true! It’s no line. I am just tell you the truth..”
“..OK, ummm, thank you?..”
We went to my office. Everyone is leaving already. Only the security in front that is standby at this kind of time. The work load finished two hour later.
“..Sorry to make you wait long time..”
“..No worry, beside tomorrow is free anyway. So we don’t have to wake up early..”
We were leaving from my office at 9:00PM. The road on our way home is less traffic. I drive the motorbike slow. He hold me on the passenger seat. The streetlight shining its ray to the road in front of us.

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    1. thank you Paul, each post that is being written, then i will be busy searching my captured photograph to represent the article. some might fit. 😬

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