..the separated soul..

..hi Baby,

I am so happy that you come to my room this morning. I was awake for 2 hours before, thinking about you, and how bad I treated you yesterday for no reason. I want you to know, I did not know, why I did that to you, as I was wrong to be upset with you then. I want you to know, that I really really do love you so much and will always think about you in my heart. I hope you will think of me too and not be sad, but be happy for the time we spent here in Bali together. I know you have a long way to go.
I also want you to know, that trying to find love, like we have, in the gay life is very hard. Whatever you decide I want it to be the best for you and make you happy. I wish we could be together for long time, but you know, in your heart, that I must leave to go back to Boston as I have many decisions to make with my life. Whether I want to leave Boston for a new life someplace else, I don’t know today, but I feel in my heart, that I will make a decision to move someplace and maybe back to Bali. Whatever we decide with our life, I hope that we both can always be happy and be friends, maybe lovers again. I wish we could tell each other about our future plan, because I will always be here for you in any way that I can as you mean so much to me.
Baby, you have made me a better person today from when I first come to Bali, and I love you for that so much. I hope you not forget me in your heart as I will not forget you in my heart. Baby, all I wish for you to be happy, even without me here as your first love. So please try and do what you think is best for you and what will make you happy.

Well, I must leave now and get ready to go to the airport, so please, smile for me and be happy for the times we had together. I love you very much!!

Many hugs and kisses,

Love, Daddy

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